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Not even at that price will Dissidia be a worthwhile game. I had so many hopes for that game, too.

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Doubtful that he's a homosexual. A giant douche, to be sure, but not gay.

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Even without the crazy stupidity that Amazon is pulling right now I doubt these deals would generate much interest.

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Holy smokes, n4gn4gn4gn4g, did you just have a stroke on the Internet or something? Now I'm not one to toss about the term "troll" willy-nilly, because you're right, opinions are valid, but I don't think you were doing anything here but trying to stroke your own e-peen in a voyeuristic way. Please, just orgasm and get on with your life, and then begin to make valid posts based on facts and appropriateness.

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Basically all reviews for Sam and Max should be "BUY THESE GAMES FOR THEY ARE AWESOME".

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That's why you always save, man!

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Yes, because all it takes to be a good game is sex appeal and insane violence.

No, wait. No it doesn't. Not at all.

*goes back to playing some very fun, yet surprisingly not "Mature" rated games on his Wii*

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You should also play the Game Boy game!

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No, but you can afford to buy a vowel!

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You've got to be kidding me. That's the BEST that you could come up with? "Most DS games are crap"? You could've at least called me a pathetic looser or something. There, I even gave you a spelling error, if you want to go that route.

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Awesome, so you've been able to play this game already? Can you please tell me some more about the gameplay, as I've been kind of curious as to how much the touch screen will be used in-game. I'd also appreciate it if you could tell me what sort of sense of speed, if any, there is when you're driving a car like the Infernus.

Thanks for helping!

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Turning The Elder Scrolls series into a MMORPG is a BAD IDEA. Christ, it's one of the remaining single player experiences out there and has no need to be turned into another multiplayer snore-fest.

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The transfer from VHS to DVD was consumer based demand - we consumers wanted something better to watch our movies on. We had a few attempts with other, larger media (gotta love those laserdiscs), but we eventually came out on top with DVDs. It fixed all of the problems that we were having with our movies, and we, as consumers, were happy for that.

This Blu-Ray, though, was not demanded. It was not asked for by the public - it was forced upon us. We're buying more HDTVs now? Okay,...

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Sarcasm, what if I can see a difference, but not enough to justify spending more money on the exact same product?

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Well, to be perfectly fair, I just want to watch a movie. VHS or DVD do that just fine, though my VHS tapes are getting a bit worn out by now.

The move from VHS to DVD solved so many problems that people were clamoring for - improved life of the purchase, improved quality of sound and visuals, addition of subtitles and scene selection.

The move from DVD to Blu-Ray, though? I can't think of one thing that improves the movie watching experience enough for me to make th...

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The danger of being sarcastic in these situations is that sometimes it will come back to bite you on the ass and make you look like a fool. Like now, for instance.

From the article explaining the Xbox 360 tie-in ratio at 6.5 and the Wii and PS3 at 5.5 - "Keep in mind that the above figure is for the Xbox 360 after September 2007 and for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii after September 2008."

So Jenzo's statement remains valid and true as the ratios were d...

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You blow up MegatRon and you're going to have a bunch of angry Transformer fangirls after you.

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Wait, you're passing judgment about a blog and one of its editors our of a photograph which represents a split second in time, with no context in that photograph to distinguish just what the situation was?

Just how in the Hell are you able to keep your body functioning if you're operating at that level of stupidity?

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Well at least you admit to having a large ego with no sense of journalistic integrity or direction. Good on you!

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You know, some times it's no real surprise why some people have a pathetically low amount of bubbles for responses on this site.

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