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My t-shirt size is medium husky.

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Sony has been so successful in 2013. It's so great to see so many PS4s being purchased, even if the game selection is slim at the moment the consoles are out in the wild so to speak. Ever since I watched the Sony E3 conference, I was dead set on the PS4. I'm really liking the direction Sony Computer Entertainment is moving towards. As a lifelong gamer since ATARI, right NOW is as exciting as ever to be a gamer....on any console. LIVE LOVE LIFE.

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So ready to ubershred in this game...

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Good list!

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Legit list except no Goldeneye... come on man!

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Hopefully both next gen. consoles are backwards compatible. I hope Nintendo develops an awesome next gen. as well. I just hope these consoles don't start out at ridiculous prices (long-shot I know).

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Agreed... I just completed the game and it is everything I expected....spectacular and epic!!

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I'm about 80% complete with the game and I absolutely love the game so far...

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If your not pleased with UC3 go f&#* yourself and stop putting impossible expectations on videogames!

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Until Dark Souls is playable on a tablet, i'll stick to the good ol' console...

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Put the Spider on the cover, I mean he is the baddest dude in MMA and has been since 2006. JBJ next year if he is still the champion, then GSP whatever year after that (GSP will reign longer at the top than the Spider imo).

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I expect great things from Nintendo in the near future. Nintendo will rise again....

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Best platforms: Nintendo

Best action/adventures: Sony

Best shooters: Xbox

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I can't wait to see what Sony Santa Monica has in store for the PS3. When all games start to look as good as GOW3 then maybe the next generation console should be brought to the consumer market.

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Agreed...I love the level designs in all the SMB games, but especially in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

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That's absurd

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Street of Rage 2 is an awesome game. I loved playing this with friends. Axel Stone is a badass mofo!

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Day 1 buy for sure!

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Like Bart Scott would say.....CAN'T WAIT!!!

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