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This is garbage deal... In USA they only offer $14 cash or $18 store credit... Thats without the 25% boost you would get. If it was 40 bux value, even with the USA 25% instead of the canadian 50%, u could buy kz3 for $10. I was about to do this, but when i found out i was offered 18 dollars.... I turned around and left. SHIT!

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selective information take in by 360 guys is sad. Honestly even when ps3 wasnt doing as good as it is now, us ps3 users took a look at the whole world not just japan where ps3 crushed xbox.

You guys just pick 1 region where you are winning so you can feel smug about it. Good for you i guess -it doesnt bother me one bit.

I sincerely hope you guys are not regretting xbox purchase. If i had one i would be upset. You guys pay a premium for this system in xbox l...

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I dont understand how anyone can play a game like WoW and have fun. Lets see... grinding, grinding, and more endless grinding. For what? So that your level goes up? Lol are you kidding me? If you want a higher number just ask anyone you know to write it for you on paper. Then you can take it to your bed, put it under your pillow and sleep.
Will that make you feel better?

What is the point of a game where you compete based on who has a higher number than everyone else?...

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i have lbp1 ... but i dont get why a sequel is needed? Lots of users keep making new levels so whats the point of lbp2?

i dont think ill be willing to pay for another lbp game considering its probably really similar but with new stuff added in...

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no chance ill win. but its so tempting to register. maybe i could get a driving wheel or something? how many prizes are out there?

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Can you guys PLEASE stop posting shit about PATCHER ? wtf is wrong with everyone? The guy is an attention whore just let him be. Why do you keep posting these "news" stories about patcher said this or that?

His goal is to be well known, not to be accurate. Wtf we need this shit for? His opinion is worthless anyway.

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Agreed on presentation, can't change volume of bgm and sound. Stuck with listening to a motor and what seems to be a radio stowed somewhere in my trunk. 9/10 , 10/10 if they change the options.

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lol? "Commercial Flop" ? wow. Lets do some math. 60 million +5 years to make. Already has sold ~4 million. 4x60 = 240 million total, minus 60 mil producion cost... Profits already near 180 mil and will only rise.

Commercial flop indeed... Too bad author is still in elementary school.

Down voted the site.

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vg chartz. didnt even read numbers. clicked on their name selected WTF/ NO

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i really liked this review. Not b/c of the high score but b/c the guy really summed it up. It just keeps you wanting to go back for more and more. I have already put in nearly 30 hours into this. 30 hours. Some games you buy and play for 5 and never touch again. And i havent even touched online yet. Holy crap.

Actually considering not buying kz3 and some other games to come out as i know i wont have time for them. ughh

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these guys are completely clueless. Fusion for xbox 720? lol? are you serious? Amd just releasing fusion products now which are all low- mid end at best! They are not going to be in the next gen consoles.

Holy shit how can the authors be this dumb.

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@Mr. Marbles

"Sony always chooses what is best for them over what is best for the customer."


Kinect and 500 million Ad budget (but no new IPs or exclusives) says hi.

60$ a year for Live says hi.

Valve forbidden to release free DLC on 360 b/c microsoft didnt let them says hi.

Sony is 10x more consumer friendly than MS.

Get over yourself.

And tb...

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How about this?


Car still intact after head on collision.


what a lame ass texture swap. And damage appears on the back when the collision was head on. FAIL!

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@Captain Turtle.

The guy says that instead of having fanboys review games we should have gamers review games and you think its the "most senseless post you have ever seen on N4G" ?

If you say so man.

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regarding the article title see this:


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shadows in this game are disgusting. Everything else is perfect. Cant stop playing.

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played till 3 am. Went to sleep so exhausted i was getting delirious. Trying to get gold on every single liscence test (working on the first liscence now).

Hard as hell. Sometimes i replay the same track for 3 hours or more.

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How about we discuss the issue at hand now? Ready?

Review scores on their own mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. Thin air.
A number in a mind of some fat nerd who thinks he is a game journalist.

On their own that is. The only way these numbers can carry any meaning is if they are compared relative to each other. What i am saying is GT5 should be compared to GT5: Prologue and Forza. If the game has improved on the past 2 racing sims, it should be giv...

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this review makes no sense.

author cant even write properly!

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completely unfair and biased reviews guaranteed.

Gamereactor denmark gave the game 7/10 for 4 different categories. Audio / graphics / gameplay... etc... So everything is mediocre? 7/7/7/7 ?.

TBH i dont think that the reviewers really feel what they wrote about. I think they just try to give a really good game the worst possible score so that they get hits.

They dont write reviews for fairness or to inform consumers. They write reviews beca...

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