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i was actually wondering why flower wasnt on the list also. Either way i just buy Regular games used which means basically indie price for what were once full 60$ games. Love getting sony exclusives for like 10$ lol.

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umm... My friend is a WoW player and has a good gaming rig i helped him build months ago. (HD 5850)... Anyway he also has an xbox.

Believe it or not he plays WoW With the xbox controller. Says its easier. He's no newb either. So Wow could easily be on a console.

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awesome avatar ian72.

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i completely agree. I really want to play MS and Sony sales b/c thats better than any game i got. Oh wait.

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same old tired vgcharts. Sigh.

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i would give MS a chance if they offer free online play for xbox 720. Up until now ive owned NES, then Playstation 1, then PC gaming period, and now finally PS3. Yeah i skipped PS2 also :(.

My friend had it and i never got into, but now thinking back im starting to realize how many amazing games he got to play.

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im really tired of sony's lame methods at attempting to fight piracy. They pretend to be so tough on piracy but why arent these pirates massively banned from PSN? Permanent bans is what they need via console ID.

MS has 10x more sense in this regard. wtf sony you dumb? no psn = pretty useless console. Get tough already.

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cod keeps releasing the same rehashed game every year - everyone knows this... BUT, you would think that they would at least be improving graphics and taking out some bugs along the way... But no, what you get every year is a more broken version of the same game.

The ps3 version of BO is crap. I have a great connection but game disconnects happen all the time. Its impossible to get immersed. then there is the lag and a huge amount of bugs. You would think that since they ar...

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bet you its same engine with additions to it like usual. I have only owned 1 cod game in my life - black ops. Happy to say it hasnt lasted longer than only afew months.

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I am very proud of my decision to trade in black ops for mirrors edge and folklore.

So this doesnt matter to me. But I am craving killzone 3 pretty badly and will prolly end up buying it so i can game during spring break.

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who has the time to hack consoles and pirate games... i mean honestly. Just buy used games and at no time you can build up a huuuuuuge game library. I have 26 games and i barely spent any money on them. My first game "kane and lynch" cost me 7$. I played it, had a great time and it didnt break the bank. The time you would spend hacking console / messing with CFW... You could have just worked for 2 hrs and gotten urself a good used game.

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DS2 is extremely scary. Thats not really the issue. Right now im about to finish the game (on chapter 15)... I cannot believe they introduced an enemy you cannot kill. Wtf? The problem for me is that i was trying to use unconventional weapons to beat the game (detonator mines / javelin gun/ regular rifle / line gun). I have so much ammo for detonator gun and now i find out i have to run through the levels? That means i cant use this weapon! Is this a smart design choice?

I ...

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you cant expect these guys to keep making halo till they die. Devs get burned out when the projects are too similar. Look at blizzard dev team: they always change things up to stay fresh.

I think its a good move for bungie. I doubt they can only make good FPS, and would automatically suck at other genres. These guys will probably deliver...

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this guy is a complete moron. I tried to actually have a discussion with him, but gave up. Never brings up any relevant facts/sources just keeps shouting anti-sony drivel.

Hey passthemic... Go f*** yourself.

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Fanboyism isnt going to stop for many reasons. One being that people dont like to be wrong or admit their mistakes. All of us are like that, myself included.

I truly believe that when the 360 came out it was the better console to own. It had great exclusive games, and great online play. Thats pretty much the definition of a good console. Of course it was plagued by RROD, and also XBL fees. However, considering it came out 1 year before the ps3, and at such a lower price... IM...

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I wish i could try move before buying. I just dont know if its any good... Id consider the Xim3 before move or kinect.

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gears is prolly a great game (i never played it)... but if it goes multi plat then quality will go down. Exclusives are always highest quality games. Gears should stay 360 exclusive imo.

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im laughing really hard right now. You know why? Because crytek just made huge idiots of themselves.

1. They pissed of PC gamers by dumbing down the PC version pretty badly. Crysis 1 and PC gamers is what elevated crytek to their present status. Never forget that.
2. They havent made console gamers happy because of texture pop-ins and promising to be the best looking game on consoles ever. That hasnt happened because of KZ3 and UC3.

So basically... n...

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hiphopgamer sensationalist or not... Idk what he like in real life. But for some reason he seems like a good guy. like he could be ur friend even.

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pc gamers ruined pc gaming. Stopped paying for games and then wonder why developers abandoned them. People always think that just b/c they dont pirate a game, no one else does. Im from an eastern european country and let me tell you... Where im from, 9/10 copies of a game if not more are pirated b/c everyone is too poor to buy the game for a normal price.

I remembered connecting to one of their servers a while back on counter strike source (I now live in USA)... The admin was...

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