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I can't believe some of you actually put salt into these reviews. They were clearly written just to bash on it and make up stuff.

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This review was not worth uploading. Associated Content, Gameswire and Wiispace none of them seem to know what the hell their talking about.

I garantee you their playing them pirated french versions that aint even complete or hoping they can bring the score of the down becuz they dont like halo. Were about to see alot of 9's thrown around regardless.

Simexchange expects this game to be at a 93.

I can't wait for it. ***k these tards that can't even write ...

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Poor baby. Must be butt-hurt that Microsoft exclusives are just as good if not better then SONY's exclusives.

And the year of playstation actually turned into favor of the xbox.

It really sucks to see the playstation brand fall to last place, but it's nobodie's but their own fault for being so arrognant. And for a gaming console, it's neck and neck this year but aint got nothing on it's price and it's community.

To say the ps3 exclusives leave 360 exc...

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Besides saying that GTA4 is being an all together better game but don't even explain why.

And they supposably had a two hour argument(but we don't hear anything other then game x is better then game y. LOL

MGS4 and GTA4 are amazing, but gears of war 2 and dead space are just as good if not better.

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Little Big Planet is so damn boring to play and Gears of War 2 is the best game this year.

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this site really is just doing this for hits.

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i was suspicious of that too. I garantee that was a response to a more credible source just to grab hits.

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I was suspicious of that too, i guarantee it was a response to the article from the more credible source just to grab hits. 910 views is hideous, i wouldn't have even wasted my time to write it.

Some people just love to be part of the minority. Love how he said ps3 got the higher rated multiplatform games as well. Hilarious.

Maybe he can get R2 and LBP to sell more, because neither one is doing jack diddly squat in the light of gears 2 and fable 2. Metal Gear Solid ...

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Much like your one, i'll stick to the professional reviews. At least they can write in depth about the game and it's features.

What's with these pansy ass blog users playing it through normal instead of hardcore?

[email protected] trolls, they must be mad resistance 2 is the biggest disappointment of the generation.

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Thanks for the laughs, spew some more ******** will ya?

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Resistance storyline is nothing worth writing about.

[email protected] doubt they played resistance.

Typical SONY fanboy fodder.

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R2 has a massive feature set but nothing that really stands out or has an identity of it's own.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Even resident SONy fanboy Shane Shatterfield admit's if their's one game worth sixty dollars this year it is without a doubt Gears of War 2.

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Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. MGS4 is More of the Same and their is nothing wrong with that.

Legend of Zelda's and Marios never change!

Gears of War 2 is going to live up to the hype.

Graphics are absolutely stunning, this guy needs his eye's checked, gameplay is more engaging in act 1 then anything in gears of war 1.

Refinement is all we need from gears of war 2. It's still to this day the only competition gears of war 1 has.


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silly article i swear, this world is on the eve of extinction. Nobodies got a goddamn brain!

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You wish cahill, r2 will be outsold by gears of war 2 3 to 4 times more.

It's pretty much a given the scores will be in favor of gears of war 2 or very close with either one edging out the other.

Personnaly after reading all of the reviews for previous titles on the market and ones that just came out.

I expect gamespot to give both of them 9.5's.

They gave Mass Effect PC 9.0, NHL 09 9.0, Crysis Warhead 9.0 and Rockband 2 a 8.5, Super Smash B...

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Gears of War 2, will be the best game you can buy this year.

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Gears of War 2 is going to own this holiday season.

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Reviews and sales will go to gears of war 2.

Nuff said'

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90% average at least, check out gamerankings and metacritic's you can basically get a pretty good prediction of what it will recieve.

Geometry Wars 2 got a 90%, Mass Effect PC got a 90%.

Gears of War 2 will get a 90% overall at the LEAST.

I expect it to tie with MGS4(#70 with a hair below 93%), God of War II(93%) and Super Smash Bros Brawl(93%), personally.

Who know's it could be in the top ten of alltime. Gears of War is one of the greatest...

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Top seller will be gears of war 2.

Top rated will be gears of war 2.

Prior to launch, who won E3 game critic awards best action game and runner up for game of the show(based on 46 of them) and PAX 2008 over?????????? GEARS OF WAR 2, that's who.

Gears of War is becoming the new halo in popularity and the best third person shooting game ever and Resistance has alot of work to do to be considered in the same league. It can't compete with F.E.A.R let alone H...

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