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Looks like the same garbage I've played in storm 1,2,3 and generations . . .
Same recycled Voice overs . . .same recycled animations . .
Same exact move sets Combos and jutsu animation Clips smh sad

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You are so right bro just like GT5 was

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I get that . its definitely time consuming. . and your right its designed to be a grind like an mmo/RPG .

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For a Game that's this fun to play yes. 20$ is pennies...

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No its not. .

Its very simple

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Gotta disagree with you bro . . destiny is absolutely incredible should be game of the year easily . .

PVP is Flawless
Strikes are intense and fun every single time
Raids are probably the best cooperative experience you will ever have in gaming

Anything that was wrong with the game has already been changed of patched to please players. .

The game is perfect now

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Great destiny deserves it. I heard over 3 million people play per day

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I agree but it seems people forget its an MMO . since when do people play MMO's for story . . it's about the experience . .

Before this game came out all I played was Diablo 3 ps4 . . the story was non existent but I could care less . . it wasn't about the story it was about the experience which was stellar

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Good job for them . But they had to Cut price Twice . . bundle multiple Brand new Games with it and add huge gift cards 50$ - 75$ to win a month.

They must be taking a gigantic hit financially to their gaming division

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I dont no why. Sony seems to be incompetent wen it comes to their own home region now.

They don't know what games their own people like anymore. They don't want killzone call of duty infamous or GTA5. They want strictly Asian centric games .. Just look at nintendo . . every other week you will see one of those strangely titled
3DS games sell like 600k units . . .that's the stuff they buy . They need to cater to their people more

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Great Job Sony. I bet they don't like it wen its them being hit.
MS should join Sony in attacking those guys

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I completely disagree. The expansion is awesome and packed with a ton of new content . new raid new strikes . new multiplayer maps . new weapons/armor new light level . . I do not understand this score at all ??

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Its absolutely amazing as I thought it would be. I don't really understand all the hate for destiny. . I have been playing since the alpha and still love it . . I mean it's just incredibly fun to play especially with other people.

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PS NOW as currently constructed is Garbage ... Dumb prices no ps2 or ps1 games and no subscription model. .

The author of this article is smoking something. . .and I Own a PS4 by the way

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I was sold on the Alpha
Making a free beta that works great does wonders for preorders and interest in your game. .

Wish Sony would have made PS now free that would of been smart

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Wish devil may cry collection was for PS4 :(

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Yesssssss give Me GOW my ps4's face buttons feel so un-used
I want a button masher!!!!!!

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No just make it a subscription service and I'm sold
This pay per game model works great for publishers but gamers hate it ...
We would love to play these old games but will never pay per hour to play

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Make it a subscription service. .with who 2 Skus
Stream PS3 games - 10$ month
Stream PS3 PS2 PS1 PSP games 15$month


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It actually is Netflix of games . . . without the games. .
They don't have enough yet but they will get more

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