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Can't wait to see what kojima puts out for next gen. his games have always been ahead of the times graphically.

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actually came here to comment this. its been going on for decades.

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Sometimes it feels like these "leaks" are just someone within the company releasing said image to gauge consumer response.

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@segagamer Thanks for putting it in a more articulate manner but basically everything you said.

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Your whole comment is really beside the point and has nothing in relation to the point i was trying to make with mine. No one in this thread is even talking about amd vs. intel and you're coming off as someone frothing at the mouth.
My actual point if you still cant understand was basically " Yeah the new PS5 SSD is nice but it will become obsolete in 2-5 months when PC manufacturers come out with something better"

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It'll beast for like a few months until the next best thing is out on PC. Im not a PC fanboy by any stretch of the means. Im just saying this from my experience of recently upgrading to an i7 and then like 2 months later i9's beecame a thing. sam with my graphics card. By the time I got my RTX 2070 it was already obsolete the next week.

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Cant speak for anyone else but I practically use mine all day. Its not just a phone to me its also a book, a way to pay bills, music player, gps navigation for long drives, TV, assistant reminder (for meds and medical appointments), and i use it for white noise to sleep among a bunch of other things.

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well for one thing. most people are willing to accept that 999$ price tag because you can usually make payments and pay monthly on a phone through your carrier. I know maybe two people who outright buy them and they review tech for a living. Your average person will justify something they can make payments on rather than having to shell out 399$ outright.

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Not holding my breath. CrAPCOM has been sorely out of touch with gamers this gen. They might as well go the konami route.

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Its caveman tribalism at its finest.

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*scratches head* why are people acting like game discounts via digital download arent a thing? steam and psn and xbox all have sales regularly as well as demos

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So basically EA is galactus and he eats studios(planets) to sustain his hunger

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^ (ch33s3) This is probably the realest shit Ive ever read on this site.

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Wish they would've used Jubei or charlotte

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agreed. having raised 2 of my own including my neice and nephew it changes your perspective on things. call it "virtual signaling" or whatever asinine label you want to put on it its still wrong.

And to all you people using law as a defense, youre one of the reason why the justice system is so messed up and people who commit rape and murder and are caught red handed are getting off on a technicality because of some loophole in the law or whoever has the most mone...

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personally( and i emphasize personally) i could give a crap less what the law says. if someone who was 10 years older than my nephew or neice (both 16 and still in school) tried dating them , the'yd get beatdown and worse. if you are an Adult trying to get with someone still in jr high/ high school you a pedophile in my eyes.

When either my nephew or neice can pay their own bills, live in their own house and have their own jobs then i would care less until then theyre ...

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Theyre just now figuring this shit out *facepalm* they are seriously out of touch. Honestly developers should take a well release it when its ready approach like blizzard and nintendo does.

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I really wish theyd stop re-releasing things and I dunno maybe bring dragons dogma online to other markets or even make a dragons dogma part 2.

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