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She will have to burn her bra first- OK this is a stupid article-

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Why in the world do people give money to kickstarter?

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who pens this trash and do they actually believe it or are they just trying to "stir the pot" for attention and clicks?

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yeh that and/or trying to create controversy when there should not be any

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rated M content in a rated M game- Why is this news?

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I get not needing permission for a crowd or a situation were you can t easily (if at all) identify the people in the film/photo, but don t you need it if it is a pretty clear, easily identifiable photo of 1 or more people?

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you also need approval of an individual in the US too- not sure your point-

i don t remember photos being forbidden in none booth babe booths or in any of them several years back

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It s taking Nintendo a long time to remove the game pad features from the Wii U version of Zelda BOW! As soon as they can bring the wii u version down and a little below the NX version they will be ready to announce the NX

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maybe people don t like the business practices Hello games and/or Sony used to hype the game - maybe they don t like the fact that Sean Murray misled people who were genuinely interested in the game- maybe people don t like the fact they sold the game for $60 ... but most important is many people don t want this type of "pump and dump" sales job to be rewarded and continued- So people speak out against it

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The title of this article is false- How does a leak of the possible release date of the zelda amiibos (that is still subject to change even if it was the original intent) turn into an article title STATING " Breath of The Wild Release date outed" ???
Based on these standards might as well say "NX release date announced"

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They need to do a better job of screening who they hire- I can t imagine a group of people like the ones at Tree House/Nintendo NA that are so opposed to the cultural values of Nintendo of Japan

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Everything said by MSFT or Sony re each others gaming divisions has been completely "fair game" and in line- there are a bunch of very sensitive people here- let the 2 companies compete fiercely, hold your gaming co s of preference accountable and it will help the consumer - These companies don t need your protection and they def don t need your shiling- they need your scrutiny -
The irony is people who care about their co s of preference the most should be holding...

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How did Nintendo NA get so infested w SJW s, Uber fems and people like Alison Rapp, the hooker that supports pedos?? That is not a good lok for Nintendo as a family friendly co- but then again they always wanted to be like Disney

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yes - Scorpio seems like the way to go for more serious gamers- Plus Xbox has been hungry to rebuild their brand after the terrible Xbox One launch and Sony is doing the exact opposite since their big early lead- right now Xbox is were to invest and is making the most effort to win back customers and win over new ones-

Sony seems like they are slowly strangling their " goose laying the golden egg" which is their Playstation division- They need cash flow and ...

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you think they did a good job marketing the Wii U? Making the value proposition of the Wii U clear?

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Are you saying that Myamoto is not the head of software for Nintendo? Or that Nintendo is not a top down traditional Japanese company? Both? Be careful EDMIX your brand of ignorance is contagious- all you have to do is look at the Nintendo corp website to see plenty of proof that you are carrying on about something you know little to nothing about - instead of learning something, you decline- i can t help a person who wants to "know less" instead of more-

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re Myamoto not being a cause of delay and questioning the video presenters knowledge- i think you are wrong - He does know what he is talking about- and although Myamoto does not seem to be the active talent he once was, he is still "the boss" when it comes to Nintendo software and Nintendo is very much a top down corp structure to the extreme- which means all meaningful software dev decisions go up the ladder and go thru Miyamoto- The more involved he is in mobile the slower de...

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and your point? You are comparing 2 products that the marketplace was already familiar with the NX a product that the marketplace will not be familiar - Not only that, Nintendo did a terrible job explaining and marketing the Wii U - and the NX may very well be even less conventional - so those are not good comparisons-

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anyone who feels the need to identify themselves as a feminist, particularly men, are just insecure and feel they need to prove something or cover up for shortcomings in that area of their life
I am not a feminist but love and respect women as much or more than anyone - I sincerely believe most men feel the same way but they don t need to call themselves feminist
Most women do not identify themselves as feminist and most women would not/do not agree with much of what Neo f...

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unofficially yes- even Nintendo Mngmnt is not incompetent to INTENTIONALLY miss out on having major holiday console offerings for the holiday shopping season for essentially 2 years in a row - obviously that is what happened but no way they planned to do it that way

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