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Not really, the more people like you bash a system they know nothing about, the less I want to buy other systems.

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Am I the only one around here who plays more local multiplayer than online?... I guess I just don't have any friends who own a console... lol

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It says vita right on top...

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That would be even better. :P

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Then it really isn't couch Co-op, if the guy isn't there... :P

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He says he would have other studios work on them.

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In Japan. Eyyy!

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If anything, it's now underrated... It doesn't sell as well as Mario or Call of Duty...

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That will be the day I stop playing Nintendo games...

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Aaaaaand they changed it... :P

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Wind Waker HD is not 60 fps though, I have it... So that's one little that is off... :/

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You are both very immature. You are just like him bashing the 3ds. You are both uninformed . The vita and 3ds both have erotic games, and they both have lots of variety. The new Zelda is also introducing many new things, and rehashed is silly term to through around. You can also play more than just one series...

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Keyword, arguably.

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I'd say Monolith Soft's X is also next gen quality, since the world is pretty huge and looks good.

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Some people may prefer Bayonetta to those games though...
Or they're just silly fanboys...

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Maybe he wants Nintendo to make new IPs?..

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It was not a replacement, seeing as how Nintendo changed their controller again...

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Yeah, I feel the games themselves are more important rather than the hardware in general.

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I actually prefer wii-remote controls for FPS, but that's just me... It depends on the game and VR could be implemented for certain games. I don't get this whole "farce" thing, since it is just an option to choose from...

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