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Why do gamers give a shit about how well a game sells on a specific platform? Stfu and play the game. Stop looking at sales numbers like it somehow makes the game better for you or something

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I hope no one buys Capcom. Leave them alone, they are doing great with their games this past gen

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Bungie is greedy greedy. Everyone blamed Activision before (which is what I thought) but I see now that it never was. They've kept on with the same shit that was happening when under Activision

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Uh no lol or else ball holder will just sit in a small corner and 1 hit anyone without getting shot

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Oh wow that's pretty exciting. I liked we happy few, was just a bit iffy on the story and everything. But a full game with that setting and it being funded by Xbox has me really excited

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Lmao this Halo has a way higher skill gap than this cod game with battlefield name slapped on.

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Exactly. I read the reddit about the new 2042 and it was mostly negative

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1000% agree don't know why they would want to change the whole identity of bf. They ruined this game. Hopefully they'll just do a remake or remaster of bf 3 or 4 so me and my friends can get our shooter fix lol

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The gameplay is exactly like cod. Hope this bf flops to show ea we won't stand for this greedy bs. This is the first battlefield that I won't be buying. I buy bf to play bf not cod

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But I know one thing for a fact this new battlefield is just a reason of cod. Take the hud out and I bet people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 2042 and cod

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Well in my opinion 3 had more destruction in it. Like oh I don't have cover let me blow a hole in the wall and hide in there real quick

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Lol you guys must be fans of cod if you liked that garbage battlefield beta. It's got the battlefield name slapped on but it is not even close

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🤣 so happy this game failed.

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Lmao S2killinit you're Killin it being a huge sony fanboy. It's laughable dude. Don't you have something better to do rather than coming into every Xbox article to spew your Microsoft is bad bs?
Ps I know I'll get banned for this even though you Sony workers say fanboy all day but anytime someone says it about you on this site...ope there's a ban, this site has gone into the shitter
Pss S2killinit grow the hell up man it's a fucking plastic box pick ...

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Then do it..wth?

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If you're referring to me, no I don't play cod at all and where did I say Sony pony? Also what does any of this have to do with cod or Sony? You ok over there

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Plus when a game adds in exclusive content to a certain console and the other console has to pay the same price. Idc how good the game is, they will never get my money doing things like that

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Lol he could mean the games that were up there he hadn't played in weeks. The update had just recently came out depending on which preview you are in. I also noticed this when the update dropped that there were about 4 games on there that I hadn't played in weeks. Pretty cool update

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