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Game is ass

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Bahahaha Hakuoro is a genius everybody

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Loved TLOU story but hated 2, didn't even finish the game because of certain parts of the story just annoying me

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Just wondering, what exactly did you not like about RE7?

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And again the game is coming to PC also so stop fanboying and talking about Xbox when you have no idea whether anyone here even owns an xbox

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@Lm Are you illiterate or ignorant? His point, again, IS THAT HE WILL NOT SUPPORT SHITTY DEALS LIKE THIS ONE REGARDLESS OF WHO DOES IT. I hope you can comprehend this time.

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Lmao I have a PS4 but thanks for giving me permission and letting me know that I can buy a PlayStation...again. Deals like this are garbage and shouldn't be around the gaming industry, I stick with what I said before and you can stick to fanboying and supporting shitty deals like this on either side. Another thing just because you seem pretty ignorant the game is also coming to PC so how would it only be anti Xbox consumer? Who sits around thinking of this dumb shit 😂

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His point is that it's a shitty move. Either company doing this is shitty and he doesn't want to support them for this.
Imagine cyberpunk coming out and Xbox gets exclusive customization options and exclusive vehicles but ps owners still have to pay the same price. That'd be anticonsumer and a shitty move imo. But we all know CD would never do anything like that cuz it's bad for gamers.

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No it definitely is anti consumer. It doesn't matter who the hell does it. Any timed bullshit deals or deals with exclusive dlc where the other party still pays the same price is bs and I don't think people should stand for this. Also I agree this game looks like total shite

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Lmao this game looks like trash. How can people even deny this? I figured everyone thought it looked bad

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You guys realize this is a loss for the game itself right? Locking out a whole avenger (and the best one at that) is not a win, that just means I won't be paying for garbage like this. Unless I have a cheaper price tag why would I pay for less content? It's anticonsumer and that's it

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Lmao rainslacker do you ever stop fanboying? You're just annoying at this point with these long drawn out paragraphs about certain articles just to state in the end that you're a blind fanboy. I actually used to read your comments but god it hurts to even read through 2 of your sentences anymore.
We get it your walls are covered with the PlayStation logo. Doesn't mean you have to hate on EVERY single article related to Xbox in any way. Some of us around here like games a...

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That's also the overclocked speed

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Probably the only game I ever wanted to try out be for

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Ps5 definitely looks better but I bet the Xbox is WAY quieter

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You're shitting me. Sony has been so arrogant lately

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Lmfao people like you crack me up. Do you think that unreal wouldn't want as many people as possible using their game engine? Just ignorance ffs

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So social media is a waste of time but you posting in every single article about anything xbox isn't? Grow up. Not everyone likes every ps exclusive either so just stop praising them so hard.
Spiderman was good (overrated for sure)
God of War was an absolute amazing game
Uncharted bored the shit out of me every single one
Horizon is a good game but I didn't finish it
Tlou (only played it on ps3 but I figured it counts cuz it's remaster...

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The game is actually pretty fun. I play with a good friend of mine and we always have fun. Idk why all the hate

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