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These have easily been the best comments I've ever read in these forums. MGS is the greatest series in videogames with mgs4 as probably the best game if all time so I really must disagree with whoever this Retardo Rodriguez is. Everyone here with their comments has managed to bring me back. True nostalgia. So thanks everyone

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BEST READ EVER...well aside from anything Hunter S. Thompson

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you know usually i'd call you insane for a comment like that lol but with skyward sword looking as good as ocarina of time (64) does a wii is for the first time in my life tempting.

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impossible yo it comes out during school still silly haha but i'll be getting it the next day for sure after organic chem exam probably beat the campaign on veteran that shoudl take the rest of the week assuming i'm done with UC3 by that time. anyway good luck on that but you're going to make urself sick for real if you play a game that long lol if yoiu play more than 6 hours straight you can damage shit.

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that game from what i read sounds really amazing but sadly they don't have a console version since my PC days have been done long ago back when i played counterstrike source. now i have a ps3 but i would love to get a hold of that game on here.

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i have to disagree with half that statement i really liked th beta on ps3 however i bought bc2 used from gamestop last year while looking to try something new and thought it was the second worst game i'd have played next to the first bad company lol and i returned after i beat the campaign 3 days later on the hardest difficulty. seriously an underwhelming game by all means the only thing i enjoyed was the sound. MoH was a far better game in all aspects in my opinion since i was in afgha...

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that is exactly how i intend to play it when i pick it up tomorrow...i was gonna go out tonight for the midnight release but i gotta think if i get it right away, the odds are i'm not going to get any sleep tonight cuz i'm gonna wanna play it if course lol. anyway thanks for talking up the game i've been hearing so many poor sounding things about the ps3 game and even though i had a blast with the beta i think the final game with larger scale and vehicles would be rather underwhel...

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now see i find this a little disappointing. sure the game looks pretty good but it's basically just the normal counterstrike with like new menus, weapon skins, added a decoy and a moltov and even though all that is really cool, if every map layout is the same as in css, how are we going to allow for players who don't really remember how to play a fair share of the game? personally i've been on consoles far too long that what skill i had at counter-strike is pretty much long gone...

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@NarooN, he's a console kid and an ignorant one at that and that's why he doent' know what he's talking about. cod4 on consoles is a horrible game just like EVERY console FPS. cod4 on pc had lobbies with admins and lean and all game modes had player counts maxed at twice the console size with a REAL map-voting system and kick player voting system. consoles are only good for Third person gaming end of story. EDIT: you're right i did forget timesplitters and perfect dark...

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YES! kwyjibo knows what valve is talking about cuz he's a real player not some cod fanboy. not that i didn't love me some search and destroy on cod 4--not as good as counter-strike BUT very similar. although i understand what superman is complaining about. clearly he's going to trying to play this game without mouse and keyboard and that will make accuracy impossible espcially cuz it will have zero aim-assit. that's what he needs iron sights cuz that's what console kid...

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what is CET? is that a european thing i'm cst does anyone have an idea when hat time will be? thanks.

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you dont 'have to say any more. i figured right away you were going to cod for this. i do whole-heartedly agree but sadly don't believe that this new infinity ward will give two shits about it's game. we won't see a balanced shooter again til respawn ent makes it's grand enterence of the REAL cod killer. that said, maybe counterstrike when it returns could leviate he problem til then.

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well heavy rain was serious but super fun. how could getting wrapped into SAW the game--not actually saw but what a saw game could've been--not be great adrenaline rush?

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that and the worst map design since cod3 lol!

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man i wish i could LIKEx1000 what grieversoul just said lol. not only funny but true at lesat up until week 3 that is :) also how cany anyone disagree with this statement cod has been hacked hard since mw2 and that only continues and whatever isn't actually hacked was an exploit built in game and never fixed like oma tubes for instance, commando, quick scoping, the super overpowered sleight of hand perk because kids dont' actually know how to shoot for shit....am i missing anything? ...

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could not agree more with and greviersoul. black ops is trash and this k/d whoring is thanks to the terrible map design making it simple to spawn trap. that said i HATE TDM and wishes that mode was gone from every game. if youw anna play lone-wolf then play real deathmatch aka FFA where you can't spawn trap or get lucky where skilled players will actually win. that said i'm an objective guy really but cod has ruined playing objectively. that's why i'm looking forward to el...

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let me save you all time this article is bullshit and loses credibility when it mentions cod and teamwork in the same sentence! lol

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ahaha they NEVER will. if they did that they would just re-release a version of cod4 with better security and new maps and that's all teh changes it would need to be successful according to it's real community. ask any cod player form the beginning which title was his fave and he'll say 4 that said i really liked 2 a lot as well though.

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last i checked i thought you were that 360 troll rofl...it appears we have come to an agreement for once. okay so i get what ur saying it was the fans who started this trend, but when they jumped off the wagon all the noobs who never knew was cod was til mw2 jumped on the wagon. really though what i find interesting is that in cod4 and mw2 total weren't there only like 4 packs released between infinity ward and then compare that to treyarch who i hate between just WaW and BO they made w...

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like ninja just said, the only reason ppl are eating up this edition is for the included elite. the casual market that has made paid dlc a standard now is who is going to buy this anyway. we true players will find lobbies we like with clans we like and only play with them anyway so elite is useless unless ur a scrub who buys into dlc. in that case enjoy paying double for something that should be included in the box.

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