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It's a good idea, but her "interview" was completely out of character.

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The most fun I've had with a free PS+ release in a long time. Local multiplayer is a blast, too, it's a great game to play with (or against!) friends.

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I've run into three or four different quest-breaking bugs on the PS4 version, usually involving an essential NPC just vanishing. Had that problem with Skyrim on both 360 & PS3. Keeping multiple saves is hugely important in games like these.

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Sometimes I feel that way because of how terrible I tend to be at the Souls games, but I realize it's my problem for not having enough skill/practice. If I want an easy time, I'll play an easier game.

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It was kind of a mixed bag. The way perks affected what you could and couldn't craft was a pain and a lot of the material input/output from crafting & scrapping didn't make any sense whatsoever.

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Yes, it's the official channel for SEGA Europe.

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Having seen some of the screenshots it seems like they've lightened up the color palette a bit and polished minor details.

It doesn't "need" to be remastered, but to me I'd welcome the opportunity to support the dev team again and encourage more games like this.

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The Early Access PC build of this game was very interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished product on PS4!

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"No passion behind them" is somewhat unfair, even a simple game has effort put into it.

Even as tech demos, as long as most of the games are priced fairly I think it's a good starting point.

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There is someone in my household who pays for Gold exclusively to use Netflix, but that's obviously an outlier in the grand scheme of things.

The required pay-to-play on PS4 doesn't hurt me so much, because I'm already a PS+ member for all of the discounts and freebies. In general I'm pleased with how the PS4 is looking so far.

XBL gold did bring some good things to the table as well, and it's a shame to see what Microsoft is doing to the ...

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I've been a fan from the first game as well, and I feel that it's a shame so many people aren't even giving the new game a chance. The old games weren't exactly flawless, and I've had plenty of fun with this one.

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While this game isn't a masterpiece, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've bought AAA titles with less depth and entertainment value for double the price. Anarchy Reigns definitely isn't a great representation of what Platinum is capable of, and I hope MGS:Revengeance proves me right.

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At my nearest store, corporate didn't ship out enough extra copies of Black Ops 2, so they can't sell enough copies to meet demand. The inventory updates have also been indicating that they have more of other items in stock than they even sell at the store. This is a case where it's actually corporate's fault that the store isn't meeting numbers, but the end result is that employees' hours are getting cut and if things keep up how they are, the retail location itself i...

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