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Shenmue 3

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Try Steam - more mature gamers there and free to play!

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"Unfortunately we can’t offer a retroactive refund to people"

They did with the original xbox in the UK. I paid £300 and got two free games a few weeks later when they lowered the price

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I can't. The PS3 is STILL the best all round multimedia box. More so than even the PS4, and that's a fact.

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At least give us SHENMUE 1&2 HD editions.

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Its OFFICIAL: God has renounced the Xbox ONE and America!

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Well they would, wouldn't they? But the numbers speak for themselves.

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Why would a GPU whether PC or console based suddenly be crap in 5 years?

If you buy a PC now and put say GTX 760 in it like i plan to, in 5 years time my PC will still be kicking your console's ass.

Sure there will be better GPU's in 5 years time, there are now, but why would my GPU suddenly be worse than your console's?

THINK Mcfly, Think!

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I plan on putting an Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 in my PC.
I've been told to avoid AMD.

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The worlds gamers are on PC and PS4.

Xbox, once associated with hardcore gaming is now nothing more than a casual machine for multimedia uses locked behind a paywall.

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Sony should coin the tagline: Better on Playstation

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But the next gen consoles are low end PC's, or so I've been led to believe...

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Yes it is!
I used to be a jock who enjoyed copious amounts of beer and the attention of women.
I worked really hard at it, stopped exercising, moved back in with my parents, and started watching firefly.
Now I'm a proud geek and happier for it!

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I have a PS4 for the exclusives, but I will buy one of these Alienware Steam Machines as long as its priced under £499 for my muliformat games and PC exclusives.

I won't touch the Xbox One.

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This box is for me.

I'm a console gamer, but i haven't brought a PS4 or an Xbone. (I will NEVER buy an Xbone)

I use steam on my crappy PC and love it. These steambox's are made for people like me who have never built a PC, don't want to, want to play on the couch and save money.

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I have the PC edition, only had to buy the game once in a steam sale for £5.

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This should hopefully deliver my cherished backwards compatibility.

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1. Remove Kinect from the box
2. Go back to the 360 pad, put remove the protruding battery pack and improve the D-pad.
3. Poor money into a wide range of new IP instead of marketing and timed exclusives.
4. Bring Backwards compatibility to the console for all xbox 360 and original xbox games.
5. Make XBL free.

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I completely agree SilentGuard. 360 is still the greatest controller ever made. You can actauly buy a 360 controller with the new xbone analogue sticks and D-pad.

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If i buy the picture will there be a picture of me holding the picture of the guy holding a picture of an Xbone on ebay next week?

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