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What the fuck??? So you admit to trolling around and finding & reading all my posts and decide to spontaneously be a dick?? Sounds to me like YOU created an account just for being some sort of N4G creeper that has nothing better to do than dig thru peoples stuff. And you preach about "much better things to do with his free time" nice try but go troll elsewhere.

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Only two huh?

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No thanks, I just want something to play games on!!

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One of if not THE best? Oh hellz yes, influential? Maybe.

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Its not "Far from" as it can be quite violent, but yes the new TR is a fair bit more violent.

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No score = not a review

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Hey look everyone, it's "That guy" you know the one who talks all kinds of shit about the current cool thing just to get attention and hits.

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Glad I aint the only one who thinks so.

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Yeah, it really is.

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Injustice: Gods Among US on ios??? Oh Lord.......

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Yeah well I can think of 15 reasons why they should!

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Hell yeah there is there's......um wait a sec, what about....uh, well how about...... Well I'll be hornswaggled I can't think of any.

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Screw the money, Im talking about playing the best damn game to roll around in quite some time. You couldn't see that? Interesting thought process there.

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your loss

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And the score is???? Sorry but no score=not a review.

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No need to, fact is, they have 10 why one shouldn't while there are 1000's why one should. Period.

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Oh yeah? Where?

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Like i said earlier, yes there is it just depends on the game. Aliens yes, Bioshock no.

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exactly, on a game like the new aliens, a 7.7 is great, a game like bioshock it blows balls.

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Yeah, its on PSN, and it also happens to be on xbl. Also, lol at the idea of playing a fighting game with the 360 controller.....yikes!!!

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