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Should have added *from the 90s. The Hollywood movies nowadays kinda suck.

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Nice, this is the actual release I've been waiting for.

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Pawns don't get impatient when you step away for a break. People do. I like playing at my own pace.

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They desperately need a system seller and are fully intent on bundling the game with their PS5s that nobody wants to try and get the lions share of buyers before the game is ultimately released on PC where the majority of players want to play it.

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Of course.

But only female.

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Yeah just gonna wait for the PC version.

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Looking good! Its got that Armored Core feel to it. Should add some extra unique feature that sets it apart and give it a real identity though.

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Jurnos dont like 16 because it doesn't "tow the line".

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And those type of people end up being the biggest problem. People who spend hundreds of dollars on gachas, youtube 'influencers' who normalize it to make it look like its okay...those smooth brained easily influenced masses that just purchase with their brains off are the ones that would be the cause of NFTs poisoning the industry and further ruining it beyond what they've already brought in.

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Too bad all their games are poisoned from the start by gacha mechanics. Any game with those features are a hard pass.

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Its a pretty cool game. I wouldn't mind a sequel. Jack has become a cult classic character.

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They can be if they could stop being harassed by some overly censorious platforms.

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Drenched in ESG poisoning.

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These ads were awesome. The industries spine has been extracted over the years causing ads like these to fade away.

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Yeah Playstation is where games like that go to die. Doesn't make sense with all their garbage policies that work against teams like Compile Heart. Nintendo and PC don't have a censorship boner like PS does (for the most part).

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I know corporate speak is a thing but If this means abandoning ESG then I'm all for it.

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I remember an animated "2" in the MGR font and style showing up during an E3 intro countdown long ago. Everyone thought it was signaling a sequel to MGR and got hyped. Too bad it wasn't real. Platinum came up with all the ideas after getting Kojimas guidance but I'd like to have Kojimas input for a sequel as well. Unfortunately its in Konamis hands.

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Well Its no wonder when you see the stuff they do with games. Google wanted to introduce a cheap console that required internet connection to play streamed games that weren't even local to the harddrive. Apple still wants simplified, data mining, touch screen mobile games spread far and wide. Everyone was really interested in Blue Protocol right up until Amazon was announced to be involved and the trailer was released with all the same tired and crappy ESG changes they made to the game. I...

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Wont touch this game if its not coming to PC. Game looks good but I'm not going to run for a PS5 just to play it. And especially not when they say something like this.

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