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You freaking noobs are crazy. This game looks fantastic. Until they make a new Dragon's Crown this needs to be on ps4!

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I know this is mean and the PC patrol will eat me for it, but I'm going to contact Rockstar and tell them I have penis cancer and will die soon and the only thing I want from them is a promise to get the next Grand Theft Auto out in the next 1.5 years..

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Polygon is a joke of a site. Hillary Clinton runs it.

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Shining Force(Strategy originals).
Phantasy Star.
A sequel to the first Final Fantasy Tactics(Dont get stupid with laws for fighting and stuff like the atrocity FFT 2).
Tales of - 2d version.
Another cool Lunar game remastered by the american company, forget name, who converted the game for PS.
Dragon's Crown (Well its technically a fighting game with rpg elements)
And finally Breath of Fire.

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Fuck with the master pc race? You will pay a very hefty penalty. Muahahahahahaaaaaa!

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Agreed. 20 is pathetic.

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Too expensive for my taste.

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Tifa has nice boobies.

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Now I can have a anime girlfriend who shows me her boobs on steam!!!

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White people are banned from this game. So we will play COD or something else. K thanks.

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Am I the only one that thinks this expansion's story sucks?

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FF 14 is a great game. But one thing they wont tell you about it is that in the end game, making money is VERY VERY hard. Sure, they will tell you that crafting is a great way to make mula. But when there are thousands of other crafters making the same thing or selling the same crafting parts, you dont make much money at all, if any. MOnsters drop barely any gold when you kill them either, if at all. In the beginning you get a good amount of gold for quests. But in the end game, when quests...

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Yes! Fucking A yes!!!! I loved this game when it came out. And it HANDS DOWN had the best DLC I ever seen from any game. All 3 of them. Boy oh boy. DQ 11, Cyberpunk, and now this. This game was so fun.

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Great game series. But I think they need to completely remake it from top to bottem for a new start.

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When 99% is 990 games out of 1000, Mislead much?

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The Last of Us 2 wont even make half of these sales.

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Its gonna be hard. But unless they show some new features, I dont want to hear any more of the story at all. I want to immerse myself in the game when it comes out. Seriously, gimme a time machine.

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Love this series.

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Portable gaming is a waste of time. When you are out in the world you need to talk to your fellow human beings, belong with your people, help the world in some sort and live. Play games at home in your spare time.

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