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It seems their CPU is more flexible than expected.

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So basically, it sounds like ray-tracing won't exist or will have very, very little support in this platform.

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The touchpad has returned, though. So likely, it is better

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Microsoft doesn't have a motion controller such as the DualSense or the DualShock 4. So even if their console could allow it, there are missing pieces that hinder the platform of the experience. Because Sony built their console around their VR headset, everything is standard out the door.

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No. Microsoft doesn't feel it is necessary.

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"Are we reaching a wall with video games visuals?"


This is why Sony went with the DualSense controller, Tempist engine and VR. While Microsoft's console focuses heavy on JUST visuals, Sony's consoles is covering everything else AND visuals. But unlike Microsoft, Sony are not using JUST visuals to define what next-gen looks like.

Again, this is very apparent just based on what's in the DualSense controller comp...

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@ SyntheticForm

It's not overkill. Only those that don't understand it's purpose would say that. The SSDs purpose is not just about load times. That's the second half of its main purpose. It's MAIN purpose is to allow a lot more on screen at one time. If you saw Mark Cerny's speech about The Road to PS5, he CLEARLY states this around 10:00 to10:28. This is why he designed it to stream 2 GBs of raw data into the game at .27 seconds. Their plan is to...

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Told y'all so.

That demo was SSD heavy. No one is saying it can't be ran, the question is whether it can be ran as efficiently as it was running on the PS5 console.

That SSD is going to allow a lot more per frame than those using weaker SSDs

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Fortnite uses the touchpad, and it works better than any simple button, too. More than 50% of games uses it for menus, so it's not useless. And besides, this is only the first iteration of the touchpad in the controller. It will only get better with every evolution just like everything else in the controller. Just because every feature doesn't get used in every game doesn't make it worthless. It just gives developers a bigger tool box to work with

As for sixaxi...

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@ ElementX

The Series X can compress 4.8GBs of data, not 6GBs.

The demo being ran during the flying scene was not pushing the PS5's SSD to the limit. You say 5.5GBs of UNCOMPRESSED data isn't needed because it would be blurred out. You forget, nothing was going on during that scene, though. The more you have in a frame, the harder it will be to process that information without running into a bottleneck. What does that mean exactly? The PS5's ...

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For some reason, the link I gave was broken. Hopefully this one works.


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I'm sure the Xbox Series X can run the engine since a PC of this gen as well as a cell phone can run the engine, based on Sweeney's responce. The engine is designed to downscale based on the hardware it is dealing with, according to Sweeney. He mentions, though, that the demo was extremely taxing on the SSD and that you could not store that much geometry into RAM without running into a bottle neck and so it had to be rendered on the fly, so a super fast SSD as well as a strong GPU was...

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@ DJStotty

I think this is what Sampsonon meant: 

GamesBeat: Is there any reason you haven’t mentioned Xbox Series X yet? Is PlayStation 5 the lead horse for this in some way? 

Sweeney: We’ve been working super-closely with Sony for quite a long time on the storage architecture and other elements. It’s been our primary focus. But Unreal Engine 5 will be on all next-generation platforms, and so will Fortnite. 

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Wrong area..

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So why didn't he just show it running "on the worlds most powerful console" to begin with? He got the same opportunity as Sony if not more. Why now does this surface into the light rather than waiting for your competitor to run the engine before using their spotlight to talk about your console? He seems very concerned. It's obvious he was caught off guard. He and Spencer seem hell bent on pointing out that their console can run the engine, too. Ok, so why does it even matter...

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I asked myself that same question.

It appears they were caught off guard unexpectedly and are now trying to recover from the news. I mean, if you knew that you had the most powerful platform, WHY would you even care what your competitor showed off? Proof is in the flavor, right? By Microsoft poking their head over into their competitor's camera frame piggybacking off of their news announcement, even after they already had their turn to cover their own platform, makes t...

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I have to agree.

Looking at the leap from the following:
Metal Gear 1 (PS1)
God of War 1 (PS2)
Heavy Rain (PS3)
The Last of Us 2 (PS4)

I gotta say that I'm expecting something around Advent Children and slightly higher in some areas.

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PSVR 2: https://www.google.com/url?... https://www.roadtovr.com/ps...

and just like the DualShock 4 for VR 1.0, the DualSense 5 will play a very similar ...

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You confuse my statement for Sony not caring how games look. I am not saying this at all. I am talking specifically about marketing of these two platforms.

Microsoft’s approach is graphics, teraflops and horsepower.
Sony's approach is graphics, immersion, VR

As the article explains, graphics are becoming a nonexistent factor to wanting a great game due to that barrier getting smaller compared to the PS1 to the ...

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They've definitely announced work on the second HMD, but they said a side by side launch of one would take away from the actual console’s launch, which is more that factual. So its obvious one is in the making. But to reveal it in its entirety before the PS5 platform doesn't make a lot of sense to me, let alone launching it. Having said that, none of of this means that one isn't in the pipeline. You would have to be living in denial if you truely believed this to be the case. <...

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