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So much for Velocity

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Microsoft has been losing right and left to Sony in the console wars, so of course they are going to release all of their first party games on to Game Pass. Sony doesn't need to do that to outdo them. They could simply unlock their entire PlayStation (1,2,3,4) legacy backlog onto the service and open the platform up to indie developers. They already have Microsoft beat across the board on content. This here is simply a master stroke that could entirely dwarf ...

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@ VenomUK

This is very ironic given the fact that Microsoft originally talking about Mindcraft using the Hololens for this.


Strange time indeed

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Um...your PC controller only has rumble in it. I'd like to see your PC controller last 30 hrs with all the features the DualSense has in it, which is a whoppin' EIGHT, and you still claim the same performance in its battery life.

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I don't know about that. I know it is easier to imagine PS5 more expensive than the Series X or even at the same price, but don't forget that it was Microsoft that went with the higher specs on paper without cutting much cost. So I'm thinking the XSX is going to be more expensive than what people think.

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That's a mic drop moment right there.

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And once again, Sony somehow finds their name back into Microsoft's conversation. For Sony not to be any competition, it sure does seem like Microsoft has a lot to say about them.

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This is exactly why the Xbox can't seem to sell. By having exclusives on your console gives your console value and meaning. Why do you think Microsoft is shifting to GamePass?

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I knew this was coming.it was mentioned that the PS5 console would be more customizable than any PlayStation platform that Sony has ever built.

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All hype, like I said.

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@ Maruinho

Series X does the same thing with Dirt 5, and that's with Phil Spencer boasting about all the fps talk. So how is it any different?

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Here it is https://www.reddit.com/r/PS...

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This news is old. I mean, not that old but older that this source. This was announced about a month or two ago, I believe, when Sony first bought the license. What you heard about the Velocity architecture update was rather late to the game. Velocity was trying to compete with the older compression numbers when Sony was already on top of the new compression software. It's actually strange that this news has just now surfaced here.

And j...

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It's not all about graphics. The SSD allows for bigger better worlds, something a HDD is incapable of keeping up with. The DualSense also allows for immersive feeling and better interaction in the game. The Tempest Engine will create a whole knew level of audio that the PS4 would be incapable of achieving. So no, it can't be done on the PS4 without a huge hit in the way it was designed and will be played.

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Notice how Sony says much of anything about about their console. But for some reason, Sony always end ups in Phil or Greenberg's conversation.

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Like i said, it's all hype

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What you are referring to are impulse triggers vs adaptive triggers. It's not the same for a few reasons. One, impulse triggers use simple vibration that makes the triggers rattle. If you compared it to HD rumble in the Switch, it would be less accurate in what it is able to detect. Adaptive triggers use sensors to literally create resistance in the triggers when pressed

Second, the haptics are in the body of the controller of the PS5...

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All hype

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Yes. Standard for all games.

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Thank you! This is identical to what Cenry said. I, myself, keep wondering where people kept getting the misunderstanding of this

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