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It's like I said before, regardless of the amount of subscribes Game Pass has, these larger studios aren't exactly knocking down the door to get on there, which means people talking about Game Pass still have to pay full price for games.

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It's really sad that the Xbox has been under so much fire about the tools being found to show this drastic difference in performance that some people have to psych themselves into thinking FidelityFX is somehow exclusive to Xbox consoles rather than it also being on PlayStation. This information was announced to be coming to PS5 and Xbox earlier in the year.

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That is NOT what he said. He said he will support the Xbox One platform for two with Series games because it takes around that long before developers get used to the next-gen hardware.

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That is most certainly not logical at all.

Sony is not trying to become the Netflix of gaming while Microsoft is. It wasn't Sony's decision to put MLB on Microsoft's console while it was entirely Microsoft's decision to put Minecraft on Sony's console along with some other titles. It is not Sony who spoke of putting PS Now on Microsoft's system while it was definitely Microsoft talking about putting Game Pass on Sony...

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He likely never tried VR and is just looking for clicks.

Anyone that has tried VR knows that the experience is significantly heightened beyond anything you can experience on a TV. And unless you've been living under a rock, it is currently a 25 billion dollar market right now and expected to hit 70 billion by 2028.

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This is false. Sony has $40 billion in cash on hand. So they can most certainly afford Square. What I find interesting about these debates is when people instantly assume and shoot straight for a buyout whenever another company is up for grabs. Maybe this is how a company as large as Microsoft does things because they have that kind of capital on hand, but not all acquisitions are obtained through an instant buyout, if I may remind you. Sony is notorious for par...

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This is what happens when the hype is louder than the action. Sony was doing PlayStation Now or Game Pass 3 years before Game Pass was Game Pass. They also had an outline at where they wanted to take it, too.


@ Orchard

The problem is not the update but rather this:

This differences we are seeing is either in the PS5'S favor or it is so small that you can't tell the difference until someone told you or Digital Foundry zoomed in 200% and literally started counting individual frames - something the human eye can't detect. People were not sold on that....

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@ Good-Smurf

I'm dying.

He didn't just go there. The comedy is real! LOL!

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That is EXACTLY what it is. That did the same thing with Dirt 5, talking about they chose Microsoft's system because to put their game on because its its hardware allowed them to build the game their team had in mind with no limitations. Then they said the game was going to run at 120fps just to announce literally 2 months later that they were also bringing the game to the PS5 and that it will also run at 120fps followed by the hardware in the Series X won't provide any advantages to ...

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@ NotoriousWiz

I'm not sure if you know this but hardware sales games. If you don't have enough hardware, bargaining to get games on your platform will be harder.

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They say the Xbox is up 232% on hardware but the graph says they only sold 4.7 million units.....and its still trailing by almost double. Am i missing something here? I mean, i guess its great given the fact that it is growing but with a SKU that is $100 cheaper, almost double the sales behind doesn't sound that great.

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Ok, if ANYONE considers an 86 on Metacritic bad, then you should toss out Games like Spider-Man, Batman, Miles Morales, Street Fighter, Warhawk, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo and that list goes on.

The game is a hit and it's going to sale boat loads.

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Firewalk + PlayStation VR 2

nuff said...

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This is what the DualSense is for. The motion controllers simply allows your hands to be free. So no, you don't need to connect them to play normal games.

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We heard this before with the camera, Move, VR and DualSense. Yet, here we are. That "gimmick" is gaining traction.

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Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do if they expect to match Sony's exclusives. If the DualSense wasn't enough to separate the two experiences, VR appears to be holding that gap strong and steady.

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@ Sitdown

The Elite Series is more like a turbo controller rather than a standard one, which is why standard controllers don't use anything from them. Sony has constantly been standardizing the game controller to make games better since they first entered the hardware race. Microsoft would generally just copy from that since they don't take as many risks when it comes to things like that.

Now Nintendo is on a whole other level. They are more like ...

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Can you explain this? Then DualShock 4 looks nor functions nothing like an Xbox controller. But if you truely believe they copied Microsoft's controller, please explain how.

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Apparently the strorage space was leaked, too


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