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At least Treyarch look like their trying, That I can appreciate. MW3 shows what happens when a company doesn't try...

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Did anyone notice that this device has no buttons for games? How does this beat the PSP when its more of what the PSP would be if it wasnt a gaming electronic...

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Hey what a surprise, Another title that isn't original...Yes, Nintendo isn't the only one but to have almost 90% of your titles with words:Mario,Zelda,Metroid etc... gets a little stale no?

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I still think removing GBA support was self-fish and only further proves how much Nintendo cares about Nintendo and less about the millions of people that make them super-rich. Nintendo only does the bare minimum to get ahead. Their technology is always 2-4 years behind and software support is a joke.

I wish people would only praise the fact that their success makes Sony, Microsoft work harder. The two hardware companies that actually cater to the hardcore and people who like to...

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The commercial is good, This writer is a hater and if you have trouble identifying Rock Band with this commercial than your an idiot.

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Everyone throwing up would kill this game ;p

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Finally some innovation from Sony that Microsoft will go ahead and copy. Repeat for Sony and the world continues to go round :p

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Why do these idiot bloggers even write stuff like this? Plus it saying that Japan is ignoring Xbox360 is just fanboy and gives no credit where its due. 7000 sold is pretty good!

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At the Games Convention, we were able for the first time the PC version of the recent Grand Theft Auto-chicory, GTA 4, admire. The Rockstar Games has a better streaming, high-resolution and fully newly created textures, better visibility and the possibility of resolutions up to 2,560 x 1,600 to drive spendiert. In addition, new modes in the multiplayer part and a recording function. The constant features in the game and you can last 30 seconds to play different camera angles and your Aufnahme...

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Probably not, Did you guys forget about a certain platform that uses DVDs as primary storage? Oh that's right PCs...Pcs still have the best looking games out and noone is crying about that? The only difference is the harddrive accessibility and im sure Microsoft's arm will be twisted enough to provide memory in either Harddrive or Online space to cache that way. We will see....

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This guy answered his own question, What smart consumer would choose a boring childrens toy when they can get a super computer with Live and games like Gears of War.

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Guys this is sad, Noone cared about this game. Now it has benefits towards the PS3 and now its the huge excuse my pun Rage. This game looks generic as hell and still very little is known about it. Im sure Sony is very happy that a multi-platform game is finally better suited on the PS3 then the 360 but dont hype this game more than it should because it takes up a lot of disk space..

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100 enemies that look like crap :p

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Twista is a rapper who holds the Guinness record for fastest rapper. He is pretty good but should stick to rapping and less youtube video stuff. He just makes himself sound stupid!

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This is such fanboy speak, Why would any company decide to go exclusive just because another console makes more money on software, Multi-platform is a reality for most games now because the cost of development is not going to decrease...

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This is very smart management of money/quality/quantity. Good for them. Seems like Little Big Planet is on its way to become something very special.

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KillZone 2 is just an ordinary first person shooter at heart. Where it will distingish itself is in the multiplayer. KZ2 by all accounts is a run of the mill shooter based on alot of the hands-on previews. MP look awesome and should make all PS3 owners very happy!

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Wow was this played on the Wii? The PC is really the only place to play this game the way it was intended. Looks very lackluster, I mean look at the Map it has no shadows!

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