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Ppl say there shouldn't gambling in football....tell that to Betfred and bet365. My god that took me 3 minutes to Wright trying to fight off all the obnoxious adverts on this site....but yeah my point was gambling and football go together like bullet & gun....they should probably raise the age limit from 3+ though...but I suppose they were thinking 'hearts & minds'...get them young and you got them forever?

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Agreed 👍

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Why would you want to play in single player?...even left 4 dead was boring as hell with bots....all multiplayer games that use bots are IMO.
Just look at bf2042 pretty much every game had 30 bots out of the 128 players.... sometimes even more.

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Yeah a gritty 18+ splinter cell with chaos theory multiplayer , would be a dream come true...but unfortunately most ppl at Ubisoft dye their hair green/blue and don't even know who Tom Clancy is.

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If peta care that much they should check out chicken farming in the UK...trust me it Will make you puke. Also chickens will eat eachother alive...I've seen it happen.

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Man I can't believe Ubisoft actually did this,what with all the inclusivity going on in their games..lol I better go and try it out before they update it out of the game....

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What a thing to post on the ultimate Sony fanboy site...lol,but yeah gaming is gonna be cloud based in the future and we'll end up with gamepass/ps now enabled devices.
Now sit back and watch my downvotes come rolling in.
I love the way ppl are so Easily compelled to do something,just because of a few words.

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Strange control system in this game?

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Man this game is just 30 seconds of gameplay recycled for hours....the character models, fighting animations graphics and sound are awesome...but the fact the loot is just a number makes it feel very underwhelming.
Also the campaign certainly isn't aimed at the older marvel fans IMO,it's just got to much teenage angst for my liking.

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The best asymmetric multiplayer game was and still is splinter cell chaos theory,hands down this game is 2nd to none😎

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Couldn't agree more.... resident evil 8 RT just made it play at 30fps instead of 60.... when RT turned on all I'm noticing is a tanking frame rate.

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I would rather "let's just ignore" this hipster all inclusive family friendly ,used to be 18+ game..next

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I managed to get a series S....it's actually really good...I was thinking it was going to hold next gen bk but, it does 120fps @1440p and has SSD technology in it for £250...no brainer if you are a bit short of funds...

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It's a cool game...but is any game really a 10/10?.

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@ashunderfire...yeah it will squash cod...but only if if works,and damn I hope we don't end up with a " we at EA are sorry we can't get 128 players working for the foreseeable future,so you'll have to settle for 64playes on nex-gen"[email protected] price of course.💸💰

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Damn the ads on this website are the worst..... anyway I've been trying to say thats a shame...what's the point in e3 if everything shown always gets delayed...urgh oh well better than it being broken.

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Damn right they are ...they have been for years...when it comes to single player games....they really would be at home on gamepass
..... think of all the G5s m$ would give them....lol

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They really are an amazing studio...hats off too them😎👍.... maybe one day Microsoft will tempt them away with the promise of a G5 and lot's of money 💸💰😁 😎 seeing Spiderman sport the Xbox symbol on his front...yeah maybe we could even charge for it?

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Probably best just make games if you're a Dev....I'm sick of politics in my games.

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Lazy remaster or hard working remake?

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