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Are you soloing?
IIRC multiplayer has harder monsters and better drops.

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I remember. There was actually an interview about how Felicia almost giving mvc3 an M rating due to her not wearing any clothes and only having tiny bits of fur over her unmentionables.

I rarely think about it due the the game moving so fast, but it's there.

That said, I also don't care if they make minor changes to the AU version as long as they don't go overboard. While I do prefer that nothing is changed, I prefer a larger competition pool ...

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I definitely agree about Abyss, though it had a really slow start.
An imo Graces has a great combat system, but I Xillia 1 is better overall due to better character development, story, and a solid battle system, though not as good as Graces.

Xillia 2 was the only Tales game that disappointed me a bit.

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Not gonna lie....I find that kinda cool. Reminds me of old school pc shooters like Doom/Chex Quest. It'd be cool if they made that glitch an actual mode.

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So it's Senran Kagura except I can play it in public.....let's ****ing go.

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I LOVE this set....aside from the costume asploding.
I'm actually a fan of Tatsunoko and loved TvC.

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Pretty much this. And I don't think the game was FOCUSED on furries (I could be wrong, though). I donated the minimum because it looked cool and they actually had a little work to show. Heck they were even updating us for a good bit....then it turned out they had terrible planning and had their priorities wrong.

I've donated to eight or nine kickstarter and IGG games....This is the only one that failed me. Hopefully they'll learn from their lessons, but unless the...

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I think you meant "fresh" my friend lol.

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You should definitely try other games in the series. Most of them feel really different.On PS3 I have to recommend:

Xillia 1 (I wasn't a fan of 2, but the first one was great in all aspects)

Symphonia Chronicles (ToS is just a great game overall)

and Graces F (The story , imo, meh but the gameplay....it's freaking magestic. And I'd say that most of the characters are likeable even though the story isn't the best)

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I haven't played Zesteria yet, but I thought development on Berseria started before Zesteria released in the west.

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Which version did you play?

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I know most will disagree, but I think she looks better now. The old version looked stupid to me, kinda like when a young person tries too hard to be sexy and it just ends up looking awkward.

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Nothing wrong with bring back favorites. There's already plenty of new songs and plenty of new content coming via GHTV.

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Well it said retail demo. Maybe retailers get codes for the demo + one or two guitars instead of Activision sending out demo disc?

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It's a really good game and worth the price imo. Expecially since it comes with Bayonetta 1....at least in the States. I'm not sure if the UK has that deal.

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I can't talk about DmC since I haven't played it, but I loved Heavenly sword. Gameplay was solid (though slightly floaty at times), the story was interesting, and characters wer freakin brilliant imo.

I'm excited and want to see more of Hell Blade.

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Yeah, they skipped a bunch concerning GH as well:
Chooseable powerups(it was present, but very limited in Warriors of Rock), free song updates via GH TV, drop-in play during online mode songs(which happen to be playable music videos and concert footage), winning track skins by playing online competitions, and...I feel like I forgot something, but that may be it at the moment.

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Pretty much this. BOTH games are fun, but I happen to like that guitar hero feels more technical/difficult to play. That and The new guitar looks like it may be fun to learn.

And we have to consider those 2000+ DLC songs RB has are all things you pay extra for (if you dont have it already), while GH will constantly update with free songs.

Considering that the Wii U is the only current gen console I have atm, it's an easy choice. But I plan on getting bot...

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If people are not even trying to actually parent their kids, then they shouldn't be having kids. It's called being responsible for your children.

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When diplimacy fails...


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