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If I recall Donald Trump had a voice recording surface saying grab them by the p***y and they can't do anything and he became president. So...

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Why do they act like blacks are the only color people been under represented?

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Yes we done that, but sometimes it's just get old scaping and getting caught back in the same place.

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I like to move around and find it irritating to constantly have to try an clear the palace out. However maps seem designed for a more campy style unfortunately for my taste.

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Piccadilly definitely needs a spawn update. Everytime I play that map everyone just seem to get trap on one side of the map. It gotten to the the point that I refuse to play that map. Same with Aniyah Palace everyone just want to stay inside the Palace.

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Unfortunately this has become the norm of things. They keep making it more grindy in order for people to spend more money.

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I'm a bit disappointed for this Overwatch/Battleborn looking game. I just wish they would make part 2 of Enslaved.

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This looks like an interesting game, and hope the storyline is good. The free maps, and new engine are definitely a plus. The main concern for me is how bad are micro transactions going to affect the online portion of it.

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I'm sure that they will find other countries to manufacture if it becomes expensive for them to sustain a profit. I greatly doubt that they would manufacture in the U.S. as the workforce would cost a lot more than in less developed countries that have less rules. If they don't we'll just have to pay more if we want them.

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Lack of support is making people get tired of it. In my opinion if they could get solo, duos, or maybe rank mode it would help. They could also add a new map or change the layout of the current one. They could then add a new legend and new skins to help with revenue.

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I agree is nice and all, but without the title I wouldn't have guessed it was supposed to be 2B

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Elementx. It was Microsoft's decision to put the game out regarless of who made it. They could have just cancelled the game like they did Scalebound.

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Yeah that's what I was thinking. I thought that maybe if you killed an npc another npc would take it place. Will have to wait and hear more.

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That sounds cool. However how will this affect getting mission or the story line?

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They need to do a better job with physical release games. If people wanted digital they would have bought the digital release.

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Really dumb article. Graphics at that time where top notch. I mean look at games graphics from 8 years and now to see how far graphics have evolve. Graphis from this gen will look dated in a few years

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I have seen this game at half off since Black Friday.

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Didn't like the controls on RDR2 so stopped playing it, although it looked like a cool game. Currently playing God of War, and will follow that with Far Cry 5 once I finish. Unfortunately so many good games, and so little time. Still got to buy Spiderman and play that too.

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Really looking forward to this game. It would be cool if they could get some in game character skins for Rick Grimes or some other walking dead characters.

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I do not know about other people, but I don't pretend to like any game. If I don't like it i don't play it. I may be more willing to overlook flaws on a game I like, but won't pretend like is a perfect game if it has flaws.

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