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Dark Souls autosaves and this problem never happens.

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Yeah that's bull. The audience is growing and the sales are too. More people are buying games, so the idea that these devs are not making a good ROI is complete B.S.

They are the ones with overbloated budgets, they are the ones that push the idea of graphics first, everything else second, they are their own worst enemy.

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@kevnb: Your video at most describes that particular Uncharted game having DD. Where is your proof that ND has had that system implemented in ALL of their games since the first crash game on PS1?

BTW, My playthrough of UC4 (the only UC game I ever played to completion) did not have difficulty changes. I know this for a fact based on the events that occurred for me in some more difficult stages. Nothing was ever easier, I merely changed my approach until I succeeded. In part...

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@TankCrossing: Your analogy sucks. TLOU is A) Not an EA property, B) Does not have Dynamic Difficulty, and C) Would suffer if DD was implemented. If the only way you can think a game is fun is through unchallenged progression, you need to stop gaming because all you're looking for is emotional validation. DD is encouraging you to open your wallet to MTs, not "fun games" being developed.

EA is not pushing player engagement. DD's relation to player engagemen...

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SunnyZ: That was Activision, not EA. Easy to confuse the two though since both are trying to 1up each other in scummy behaviour.

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@Pantz: You embarrassed yourself. Look at the number difference. Are you suggesting that a difference of 21 games is equivalent to a difference of 155 games? You can't do math bud, you just can't. The more games a system has, the more impact on that system's overall average score. That's a literal, mathematical fact. And the higher the difference, the higher the disparity. Everyone knows this.

@Kribwalker: Not necessarily. It could be a simple decimal differ...

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Konami has at least been quite quiet for awhile now, and they take their B.S. to the pachinko machines.

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It is a bad thing. It doesn't encourage you to improve yourself, but it does encourage you to open your wallet.

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@TankCrossing: Yeah, that's not how it works. Dynamic Difficulty essentially chooses when you succeed and when you fail to maximize engagement. It's in early stages, but it is definitely meant to prioritize monetization. If you play a game with DD and you consistently lose to better players, or players with better gear, then the algorithm will match you with lower skilled players (thereby hindering your ability to improve and creating a false sense of improvement), or players with low...

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@Pantz: You proved yourself wrong.

Playstation: #OfScoredGames = 456
Xbox: #OfScoredGames = 301

That means that the Xbox has the lower sample size and thus the higher percentage. That's how math works. More PS4 games were scored than Xbox One games and that will always affect the average.

PS4 has 155 more games scored than Xbox One and each score of those 155 games will impact PS4's overall average more negatively than ...

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You got banned from where? Here?

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What fans?

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@Woolly_: Oh ever omniscient one, please elucidate we lowly plebeians what the truest reason the Playstation 4 has the most market share.

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3 of an enemy that's almost identical to an actual in-game boss is not a "different boss"

Number is irrelevant.

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"I'm sure you worked there. Gamers should stop being so idiotic."

Well how about we ask the employees then.

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Was just going to say the same thing.

Nintendo HATES being upstaged. *sigh*

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He's saying that he's a retired veteran, which means his experience in some war somewhere means he's more experienced to talk about Diversity because of how gay the military is.

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Cory Barlog thinks violence caters to a larger audience, but women don't like nudity. Seems legit.

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Princess_Pilfer: "To everyone who used the word "agenda...."

So you need to be over-represented (in terms of population, LGBT+ communities, even combined, don't make up even 10% of the population of even 1 country) in media in order to "stop being fired or kicked out of businesses or our own homes for being gay?" (First of all, none of that actually happens, and I would challenge you to find a factual example that it does, and you can't be k...

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Oh wow, someone else that actually played Enchanted Arms.

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