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I got this on Stadia pro a month ago, and I love this one. To be honest, it's the only Pro game that's ever got me hooked. RE7 would have been a great Pro game for me, but I already had it on my PS4. I don't know why this article is saying it's a Zelda clone though. It's nothing like any Zelda game I've ever played.

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I got this on Stadia pro. I think it's pish, but, to each to their own.

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It's a bloody good game. I bought in on Stadia because I wanted 60fps and can't get that on a base PS4. I heard it's like the new Zelda game. I'm not sure though because I've not played that it. I still think A Link To The Past is the best one.

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Yeah. We do. I don't play Stadia that often, but I do use it and I use Ge-Force Now also (as well as PS4, Xbone, PS3 etc). I get excellent results on my connection. It's an unlimited full fibre line though, so I should. I don't notice any input lag while using the Stadia controller. I notice it a little while using Stadia with the mouse and keyboard on my laptop (but it's not bad). I used to notice little bit of input lag on Ge-Force Now, but it's been unnoticeable ...

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I count myself lucky. I have an unlimited full fibre line. 10ms is as high as mine goes.

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@ Terry_B I'm in quite a few too. Most of them are the same (for the most part). There are quite a few Stadia groups though. A really big one on Reditt.

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lol. I don't think so. There's a huge Stadia community. They are big on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reditt. More and more people are getting into Stadia. I did, once I found out how bad the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 was (I got the free Stadia kit with it too). It looks like it's going to get bigger, what with the New Gen console shortage and big games like the new RE etc coming out on the platform.

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I've not read the article (its probably clickbait), but I disagree with it anyway. I'm not a trophy or achievement hunter, but I totally understand why they are there and are popular. Back in my youth (70s and 80s) high scores were a big thing. Especially in the Arcades. These are just updated versions of that. I remember the feeling of getting a high score with R-type in the Arcades. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You can't beat that feeling in a Video game. ...

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This is good news for any first-person shooters that Microsoft might be thinking of making. When it comes to other genres however, I'm not too sure. You just need to remember what EA have done with Dice's frostbite engine. It's caused no end of problems for developers. Mass Effect Andromeda is a good example of this.

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In the US data caps are a thing. Data caps in the UK are pretty much non-existent. We only have data caps on mobile data

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I am definitely picking this up. I played the 1st one on my old C64 and played the Console games. I want to play the Amiga originals though.

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I bought the Stadia version on Friday (after seeing the problems on the base PS4 & Xbone consoles). I've yet to come across any issues. 60fps at 1080p or 30fps at 4K. The free Stadia Premiere Edition is a big boost. Looks much better on my TV compared to my Laptop.

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I wonder how this will run of Stadia. Will they try to compete with the PS5 & X1SX or have it just run at 30fps. I tried the demo of immortals fenix rising on my Laptop. It looked great but runs at 30fps. I have a feeling it will run at 60fps on the next gen consoles.

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I seriously doubt it. The world is really screwed up right now and most people are struggling. Things change in swings and roundabouts though so you never know. So you never really know.

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I'm happy they are releasing some stuff cross-gen. What with the world being as it is at the moment and the price of games going up for next-gen consoles, a lot of people (including myself) won't be upgrading for a while.

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I played this on Stadia (during its free month). It's good. Apart from the graphics, it's exactly like the original. Like the original it doesn't have the depth of Orta's gameplay. It's still brilliant. It's brilliant when you start the first level and hear that great music from the original. Looking forward to the zwei remake now.

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It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got it on PS+ and I rather enjoyed it. I recommended it to my young nephew because it's a really easy game. Not as good as Mania. I did like the 60fps. Made it feel better than the 360 Sonic Generations. Sonic feels bad at that frame rate.

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I don't think stadia is that bad. I recently bought Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal on there (so I could play those games with a keyboard and mouse). I finished Doom 2016 and it was much better than the PS4 version. I'm finding Doom eternal to be just as good. That'll be my 3rd play through's of those games. That stadia subscription can go to hell though.

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I just read that page. Basically they are doing nothing to fix the problem. My son want's a Switch lite for xmas. The poor loon is going to have to give up his console from time to time so Nintendo can fix it. Not good.

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What? Where did you come across that? I must have missed it.

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