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Oh shut up. This is a feature that should have been there on release, or at the very least during year one and you know it.

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Hm, I thought they were but apparently I was wrong. The originals are on there though and I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to do remakes of those again in the near future.

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A decent list, I feel Pokemon is an obvious choice though.
Also I didn't know they did a Batman Begins game. I've learned something today.

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You can get a lot of these on virtual console on 3DS and WiiU.
I won't assume WiiU ownership though, hardly anyone owns the bloody thing.

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That was the plan for the OG Vita. That port on the top right next to the game card slot was intended to be used to let you plug it into your TV, as well as for other accessories that, in the end never got to see the light of day.

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Honestly I'm in two minds. I doubt it because of their abysmal support of the current system, but at the same time I hope so as I love my Vita and the third party support it's gotten over the years has been fantastic and more than made up for Sonys lack of interest.
As an aside, if they are releasing a Vita successor/new model Vita they should put the OLED back in. Vita games on an OLED screen just look gorgeous as hell compared to LCD.

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Because the US is the whole world, right?

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Because by not officially announcing it they ensure people keep buying the current model. Look at what happened when Microsoft announced the OneS and Scorpio, sales of Xbox One decreased, because people don't want to be buying a new system when it will be rendered obsolete within the next 12 months.

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This is standard practice for gaming sites these days mate, they bash their audience because they know it will get them clicks when the (rightfully) annoyed audience shows up to give them some shit of their own. Then they call "discrimination" or "bullying" as if they're the victims and not the aggressors. Oh, and usually accusations of being "entitled" or "manchildren" will pop up with such regularity that they may as well incorporate it into a man...

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Surprising considering NISA will be butchering it to buggery and beyond

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You might be waiting for a while matey, I hope it comes for you eventually though.

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Konami still has fans?

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Never played 12 as I never owned PS2, so this is a good opportunity to play a game I never got around playing the first time. Similar to the FFX/X-2 remasters that I'm going through at the minute

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Space Kerfuffle: Universe, incoming.

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I've often wondered what it would be like to play as an 8 foot tall, crossbow wielding gorilla.

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I haven't played this game in ages. How is it these days?

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Homebrew? Yeah right. Let's cut the pretense and just say exactly what it's going to be. Piracy.
So now all the walking cum stains that can't be arsed to pay for their games will flock to the Vita like vultures

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The only problem I can see with the UI of BF4 is the weapon progression bar doesn't really make it clear that it's full or not.

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