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Ugh. That would rule.

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If your lookin to get an honest opinion and positive feedback, your on the wrong site. This site is full of lunatics and severely insecure and depressed people who fight over a toy like its life or death. Your video was fine dude.

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Get off the mans dick. I might not like his fanboy ways but he's right.

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That game knack looks dreadful.. See the awesome game play video today lol

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I was at the main store in toms river today with my sons and asked the manager at the electronics section. He said no Xbox reserves left, only pa4. I have zero reason to lie. We were getting trash packs for my son and my wife bought a gift card for a baby shower. Anything else?

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Toys r us is sold out of Xbox in jersey. Still have ps4

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I'm kidding.

Remember when Sony got everyone's info stolen?

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That's TOTALLY believable coming from such an unbiased, opened minded gamer like yourself.

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Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah hHahahahabahHhhhhhahahahhahaha h alololololol lolololol


Cause I was thinking the same exact thing.

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Waaaa waaaaa waaaaa.

Guess who I am...


If it was cerny you would be drooling all over it.

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Nothing looked fun about that. At all.

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When this site actually works , it's a piece of biased shit.

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Homie, just let their frustration and insecurities about their own system shine through. It's funny to watch them over and over and over and over try to trash a "toy" that they don't like.

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Dude dont bother. This website is a joke. Their opinions are only relevant to them

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How dare you question the cerny......

I can't wait until I the first month sales numbers and their close to each other

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Yeah that is funny!!

Where did you find this out from?

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8 o

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I hope the ps makes a montage so I can see all the games for both systems ill be playing.

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Do tell? Which games?

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