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Funny, I do not remember that. I remember rumors for months before E3 that Sony would be unveiling their motion control system that they have been working on for almost a decade.

Again, this copy stuff is stupid, taking an idea and EXPANDING on it is how things and technologies IMPROVE.

For the love of (insert skydaddy of choice here) anyone that continues with this blank copied blank crap......put down the can of STUPID.


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Since Sony pioneered camera based motion control and has been messing around with wand/camera based motion control since 2000, might it be possible that their PS4 will have a hybrid motion control system? They already have patents for such a control method that they filed years ago.

It would make sense to make it so.

Companies constantly expand on other companies ideas, that is how IMPROVEMENTS work. This idea of wahhhh Sony copied MS or MS copied Sony is so...

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Either of you remember the TRS-80 or Trash80? If you do how about the olympics game where your runner was just a white square, your javelin thrower was one block for the hand, one long line for the javelin another block for your arm...and thats it.

Same went with every event. I must have played that game for hundreds of hours along with my friends.

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You have more professionalism than most other gaming sites. Your combination of detailed explanations with little extra tips is really appreciated by me and I am sure many others. And the accent takes it over the top. ;)

Does Sony recognize you yet? Are they giving you access to the same games as a regular gaming site gets?

I sure hope so.

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Sony showed the SAME technology back at CEDEC 2009 on the PSeye. It is SOFTWARE that makes this possible, software that Sony has had for years now.

Other that 3D, there is very little if anything Kinect can do better than the eye.

and voice recognition again from cedec 2009

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I think red grapes are better than green grapes.....but grape grapes rape them both in the flavor department. So sayeth the Great GRAPE APE

Donuts are the Devil AND my cat Stinky eats fallopian fruit flippers drizzled with chocolate wondernuts and strawberry sprinkled......

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Nintendo let Wii owners down the moment they put int the PS2 generation hardware. Don't tell me graphics do not matter...if that were the case we would still be playing with pong graphics. Animations matter, draw depth, LESS jaggies, sound quality, size of worlds, complexity of AI....ALL of those things the Wii was left horribly UNDERpowered on and a slap in the face to gamers everywhere.

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thanks for telling me what I celebrate xmas for. Silly me I thought it was a pagan holiday that celdbrated the END of the shorter days and the beginning of the longer days with an earlier RISING SUN.

LEARN history b4 you spout off with your bloody zombie jesus crap.

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Chuck Norris is a fixed views teabagging (insert explitives of choice here)

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Their "simulation" racing game is designed to be played with a standard controller...miracle product? lol

And the wheel will only use 200 or so degrees of rotation...NOT 900 like a REAL car does.

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ALL of what you mentioned are done primarily by software. Kinect, PSeye, both capable however Kinect is half the framerate of the eye.

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Agreed, streaming for movies I don't want to buy and Blu-ray for those that I do. The Mbps for blu-ray tops out in the 40's....something streaming simply cannot do at the moment. 1080p streaming is just not the same as 1080p Blu-ray because of the difference in Mbps.

A more detailed summation of what I was saying Vulcan. Well done.

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Why Fel? Move has no lag any different than a standard controller, true 1to1 movement in 3 dimensions, BUTTONS, tactile feedback and the Eye can track at 60fps including FINGERS. So you could do a proper Star Wars game with Move and a navigation controller.

I am sorry your precious Kinect is nothing more than an updated waggle waggle without the wiimote. The Move is 10 years of research and development by the FATHER of motion gaming Richard Marks. It is the perfect combinati...

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Kinect sales equals quality /s

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3829d ago

Militia group? You mean private military company.

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Funny thing, voice recognition is mostly SOFTWARE and Sony has had it on the PS3 SDK's for over 2 years now. I will give MS this, they know how to push a gimmick with clever marketing and lots and lots of money behind it.

So you mastered Sports Champions then? You must be a genius, because I have been playing it almost every week and I still have not gotten better than 3 under par on 18 holes. The slightest change in release point, angle and speed means you watch your fri...

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Specifics please, details and elaborate on every aspect you speak of. All I see is smoke and mirrors with a Wiilike waggle waggle WITHOUT the wiimote.

Still waiting DiRtY....c'mon put your waggle where your kinect is....bring it.

Love the disagrees Kinectbois....they taste sooooo yummy.

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It is not next is NOW gen. The Plumber finally caught up to SIX year old hardware. Why they continue to get a free pass is pathetic. No doubt in a year maybe 2 when we see the next Xbox and PS4 THEN we will see what next gen looks like.

Disagree all you want Nintendo fans. It does not make what I said false. What will really be funny is when Nintendo has its big E3 unveiling next year and MS and or Sony come out with REAL next gen consoles.

If I wer...

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Agreed but the OLED beautiful picture capability and the size of the looks just as good in comparison. And since it IS a that not good enough?

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