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I forgot PS vita was relevant

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When was xbox about tv the world went mad but when is Playstation "OMG it's a must have"

Just plain junk for a gameless dead console. Period!

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when the 900p kicks 1080p's ass

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I have to agree with you even knowing there's big games on mobile, but the most successfuls not being connected with consoles at any point before.

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"Elite: Dangerous has been confirmed to be coming to PS4"

And No Man's Sky is coming to PC.

Initial release date: 2015
Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows


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All I want is the game to be fun in all platforms and everyone enjoys.

Gamers have different tastes when comes to consoles but theres no reason to hate just because consoles cant catch up with pcs.

Even me who plays on Xbox One I have a weak pc 8800GTX and Im not coming here saying "PC master race"

Lets play and share the experiences.

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I only have Xbox One for now just waiting till GT7 comes out to get a PS4, I really wanted PT so bad but looks like its not going to happen.

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Good to know, just leave alone to finish his masterpiece.

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Disagrees... Disagrees everywhere.

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Me too very good choice.

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Capcom/Konami nowhere close from what they use to be, Onimusha was an amazing game all fans wanted but brainless twats dont want money, plus they destroyed Devil may cry and konami is following the same steps.

If I was running konami and Capcom I Would made millions just delivering exactly what gamers want.

But developers think they know best take a look all the shity Resident evil games. Lame.

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How mad people was when TitanFall came out with that crazy price tag and lack of content?

Its just happening again.

Expect expensive price and season pass.

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I like Xbox and dont even care about this game. Looks sh1t. sorry

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Very old

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Thanks captain obvious!

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True that.A mistake 4.7GB wow like a full game size back on 360/PS3 era

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The downgrade was too obvious to be a mistake. If was a mistake how is the patch more that 4GB?

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Maybe epic games is working on gears collection and black tusk is working on gears 4.

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By "we" they mean ponies. Its so bad when the best ps4 game is a ps3 game aka Last of Us.

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