Maldron, you're a pain in the ass.....
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He's a good bloke Reggie. He'd be a little intimidating if you were in a lift with him though, looking at you with those crazy eyes of his.

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Well it's certainly not the framerate, that's still 30fps on consoles, so nothing 'new gen' there.

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I've read the review and it was pretty good, but the style and outlay of your site isn't very attractive. The font style, size and colour of the text makes it quite hard on your eyes and is a struggle to read (when I changed to a different webpage after my eyes needed to adjust quite drastically, it was like I'd been staring at this optical illusion for a while ...

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Good to hear that people will be able to play this crappy racer in the rain soon. Bravo.

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'Microsoft’s Xbox One 1 Year Anniversary falls short of the mark'

Yeah, it's still the 21st where I am, it's not the 22nd. Not quite a years anniversary yet. It certainly does fall short of the mark.

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Yeah, Knack is a great example on how to port a game from pc to ps4. If anyone knows it would be that Cerny bloke. Because no one but that Cerny fella would understand anything about programming.

Nope, no one. Just him.

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If you've got a Wii U you can play any Wii game on it. Pick it up cheap if you can and give it a try, it's a great game.

There's a lot of other great Wii games you could pick up fairly inexpensively now, so give them a try too - Skyward Sword, The Galaxy games, Xenoblade, Metroid Prime 3, etc....

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'however, if the ps4 version ran 1080p/ 60fps it would definitely give the pc a run for it's money. '

But it can't, because it's not powerful enough.

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It runs fine for me. In all its splendor at 60fps, lovely.

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Because they desperately need all the money they can get. Support Sony and make a donation today.

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Your post is what's wrong with the world. You're looking for something that isn't there.

Promoting rape culture? What a load of bollocks.

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It'll be on my Xmas list, next year.


I've already got TLOU on my ps3, and none of those other games interest me. And obviously they don't interest Godz Kastro enough either because he/she is waiting for more exclusives for it to be worthwhile buying one for.

A man doesn't give a shit what another man loves.

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Anyone that pays for a theme is an idiot.

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You shouldn't do, Nintendo games don't usually release with loads of bugs.

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'but we can't'

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Shame the game is crap.

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This game is amazing.

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There's been a load of great games released this year, I haven't had any complaints. I'll leave that to the little bitchy whiners.

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Looks like a great game. Ubisoft have released a lot of great games this year.

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Thanks darth.

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