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The worst part is it isnt just Sony games. I dare someone to find a Disney movie that you can pre order. And that has been going on for years. Amazon is not helping it’s customers like it use to. Then they want to raise the price of amazon prime and have less items in stock...

They also stopped carrying Nintendo stuff for like a year also although I think that’s back

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I do not understand why there isn’t even one forza on game pass. Not even the first one from 2013 on Xbox one.

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@ ZealOus

Call of duty and destiny 2 do not offer these discounts and they both did at one time. i do not think amazon is telling you the truth.

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All characters and stages are free.....

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How do you know that? U have the beta? THanks for the reply

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yes those easter eggs are called 1080p 60fps, all DLC and the most important one that is do not buy it if you played it already and do not want these extra features.

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I agree where did you get it from!

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Its actually very different from any other controller. People who touched it would know that.

I played uncharted 3 with it and its night and day from this to PS3.

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all of those games are 1080p cept battlefield with is still a higher res on ps4.

Lets not be fools. He wants the best multiplatform games on the most powerful console and that's ps4.

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gotta read facts before posting this sony is already adding this.

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@ Snookies
He did say that but you missed the point of him saying that. He said he doesn't have friends to play with. He is saying that the mandatory dungeons are a block for him. Im telling him that thats silly and does not make sense because they pair you automatically with the press of a button.

A raid is 45 mins and there are mab 10 Mandatory raids spread out through all 50 lvls. there is zero reason to quit when mab 5% of the game is raids.


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that's silly because they have a duty finder just like wow so all you do is hit a button then change your job and craft till it pops up.

You do nt have to have friends to do most of anything and while you are waiting for DF to pop you can gather/craft.

I think the real reason is that free trail ended huh?

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im starting to hate women. I remember when gaming was fun. Now it random women gets mad about random game for the 100th time.

I also am staring to hate the guys that agree with this crap.

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How come Nintendo can use the same main character for 25 years and no one complains but sony can't?

Drake needs to stay tuvm.

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M$ has killed sony here in the USA since 2005 that's 8 years. Kids have been born and grew up on the xbox brand now. this post you wrote is invalid.

Its a huge thing that sony is beating M$ here in the US just like it was when M$ we beating sony.

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they also did that will half life and portal which both did come to ps3.

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this is only on last gen systems.

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