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Did N4G get rid of the filter or is it broken? I'm still not sure why I keep seeing these bullshit blogs on the front page.

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It doesn't matter because PS3 has already won. This year I have been playing tons of games rather than chatting & watching netflix.

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Most of the 360 "exclusives" you can play on PC & most of the 360 games in general are multiplatform. PS3 is the clear winner for best software lineup.

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Oh wait...

PS3 version


360 version


I still lol @ you saying "multiplatforms are better on 360". Then again, I guess that's all you can really talk about aside from sales as the 360 doesn't have any game...

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Hyping multiplatform games again xbot? I guess it's all that you can do seeing as the 360 has no games. It's even funnier that you're hyping a multiplatform spinoff which is a game a lot of people won't even bother playing to begin with.

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It's obviously a fanboy article and you can tell that the person who wrote it is having buyers remorse from buying the 360.

Thank god for the adapters that allow you to use ps3 controllers on the xbox 360 (though doing so would be pointless unless all you care about is chatting & netflix cause since the 360 doesn't have any games).

I can't wait to see their list of the best controllers where they add the xbox controllers despite them really being the worst contro...

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Shows how much you know. Gametrailers is always biased in comparison videos and they've been called out on it...3 times!

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"Sony reckons that World of Warcraft's success will eventually be dwarfed by an MMO that caters to the Facebook crowd."

EMMO (Emo MMO) confirmed?

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I guess xbots just need to hype multiplatform games as they have nothing else to hype (or play for that matter). Just look at Ghostbusters. The xbots hyped that game up like it was going to be special and it can easily be beaten within a day and is a rental at best. The xbots even thought that them having this spinoff was them stealing an exclusive despite the game being announced for the 360 first and then PC & PS3 versions were confirmed after Microsoft's conference. It's just the usual...

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I'll buy this on the superior...Oh wait, i'm not buying this. I doubt I will even play it as it's a spinoff using the worst character in the MGS universe. I know for sure I won't buy it though as it would be embarrassing to have in my collection. I might still rent it but that depends on how the game is and if the reviews don't point out that it's garbage.

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I'll let the video speak for itself.

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Looks like S-E are trying to milk this mediocre RPG for all it's worth. I guess a few retards will actually buy this garbage just like they will play the worst RPG of 2010 (FF13). The figures look crappy (much like the game itself with it's last gen FFX-2 graphics).

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I thought all of them should've got the award as they were all disappointing. At least people realize that FF14 was disappointing much like all of the other mediocre garbage that S-E makes.

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I still think it's funny that 360 lost this exclusive. I still won't play this garbage cause it's a mediocre RPG.

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Xbots are the only ones making a big deal about this game. It's a multiplatform game that can be beaten in a day (rental at best) so of course since the xbots have no games they try and hype up a multiplatform game. lmao

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It looks better than Forza 3...Not to mention it also has a lot more content.

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Who ever said I would play it on PS3? Regardless of what consoles it would've came out for I still would've played it on PC. PC is the only place I play Duke Nukem and yeah, I would prefer the game to be PC only if anything at all.

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Hopefully T2 loses the fight. 3DR is better anyways and DNF should only be on PC's (if not multiplatform for all consoles) because the last thing you'd want to do is hold back the game by putting in on a last gen console like the 360.

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There shouldn't be a next GTA at all. GTA4 was garbage. Give it up and move on to something new.

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More like Metal Gear Solid: Faling.

Play as a emo character in what will probably consist mostly of hack & slash gameplay. That alone is the main reason why it will fail (thought there are numerous other reasons).

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