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It doesn't seem like they would be sending invites around this time.

In any case, i'm not hyped at all for this game seeing as how the last game was a flop. This one only showed that it has better graphics but the gameplay looks the same for the most part. I think I will just buy Resistance 2 for my FPS game.

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Sounds like they are stirring up a big pot of FAIL.

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So they basically offer a Home theme to download as an application and then that's basically for nothing cause only people who subscribe to a mediocre interactive magazine will get in? lmao

I'll be passing on Home altogether. With no video sharing Home = fail and I won't even touch Qore cause I can get info earlier from sites like this one, videos of it are on youtube and other sites, I can wait a month for demos to come out for free, and if you get into a beta in Qore you have t...

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It is for people who just buy the issue or subscribe to Qore. A month later it will be on the PSN to download for free. Meaning we should be getting the Motorstorm 2 demo for free this week as well. But everything here is just rumors anyways.

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Basically this article is about some girl not wanting to buy a DSi yet she bought a DS & a DS Lite. Sounds like she is regretting buying the DS Lite when she could've just waited for the DSi instead. Besides, the DSi will have games of it's own so it's basically the next Nintendo handheld.

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This video almost makes you miss the fact that he tried to make his sackboy look like a wang.

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The recent Tomb Raider games have been garbage. I'll be passing on this game. I'd rather wait for Uncharted 2.

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The recent Tomb Raider games have been garbage. I'll be passing on this game. I'd rather wait for Uncharted 2.

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Hopefully you can choose the other controls in the options menu. I'm fine with the controls RE4 had. I don't want crappy Gears of War controls.

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I lol'd at the title and then I read the source & lol'd even harder.

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A disappointment.

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I thought GTA4 was garbage regardless of what console it was on and it sacrificed the fun gameplay that was in the previous GTA games for realism. The series pretty much died to me after that game so i'm anticipating Saints Row 2 more as it seems more like a good GTA game than GTA4.

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So I see some people saying the 360 version is better because it has better graphics. I disagree. I think the PS3 version is better because it has exclusive content that the 360 version doesn't have. I would gladly give up better graphics for more content as the gameplay is what makes the game. I just think that people who only have a 360 are still butt hurt about losing a good exclusive.

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Meh. The beta was a disappointment. I would've bought the game if it wasn't for the beta so I guess it's a good thing. I canceled my pre-order for LBP and put the money towards Resistance 2. At least that will last me more than a month without me getting bored of it.

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Just looks like another boring update to me. I see nothing worth downloading on that list. I especially won't go near that LBP trailer. That game is a LittleBigDisappointment.

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You no longer need to correct someone when they talk about Gamestop but spell it as Gamespot cause they both screw you over. In any case, I think the next episode of On The Spot will be funny to watch as I am sure if people don't have their codes by today that their question box & comment section will be spammed with this stuff.

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So that's why they didn't make the exclusive 360 color red.

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I don't care what the graphics look like cause I know it will have good gameplay and a lot of stuff to do in the game. GTA4 LOOKED good but the game itself sucked and wasn't as good as the other GTA games. After you beat the story there was really nothing else to do aside from free roaming online and possibly the cops & robbers gametype but everything else sucked. It looks to me like Saints Row will be the series to look forward to now.

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The main site failed because it was first come first serve so obviously you would only get into the beta if you have no life.

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It's stuff like this that makes me glad i'm not in the beta. Seems like there are so many lame levels (judging by the videos on the internet) that you can't find any of the good ones.

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