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joke article.

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"B-b-but the 360 is better for multiplatform games!"

PS3 superior version confirmed.

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More flopped DLC.

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Looks like the 360 lost yet another exclusive.

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Sorry, but you'll have to download an inferior version if you want it for free.

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The game is going to be mediocre it will be yet another garbage game from Square-Enix. You're better off pirating it if you want to play a terrible RPG.

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At least this a real "top 5 worst video game controllers" article unlike that other one.

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Hopefully 3D Realms wins.

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Square-Enix continues to go downhill (then again I think they would need to have been going up the hill...Maybe they've just fallen into a bottomless pit).

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That guy is stupid. Only the A & B buttons are supposed to be red!

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It doesn't take a lot for a game like L4D to run on your PC. Even if you run it with the worst settings it still looks better than the 360 (not to mention you'll also have mods). I will be playing L4D2 on PC regardless if it comes to the PS3 (Remember Eternal Sonata & Tales of Vesperia got "accidentally" put up and removed then they said the games wouldn't be coming to the PS3 and now they are). Unless the PS3 version of L4D2 has mods like UT3 then I will play the PC version so ...

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This article is about choosing the best, not the worst.

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They can put as much exclusive content in it as they want. I still won't play this mediocre RPG because Vesperia is garbage and it's the worst Tales of game in the series. I'm not desperate for RPGs so I won't buy terrible games like Tales of Vesperia to hold me over until better ones come out.

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I don't care if Activision or Capcom stops making games for PS3/PSP because I don't play any of their games anyways. Capcom sucks just as much as Activision.

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God of War 3 can't be done on the Xbox 360. Sure, technically you can put God of War 3 on the 360 if you downgraded the sounds, visuals, gameplay, and everything else so it can fit on a last gen console like the 360 but then it wouldn't be God of War 3. It would just end up being God of War 1 but with worse graphics.

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"...where electrically-charged hero Cole McGrath will be fried alive if he comes into contact with water. I wonder what he does when he’s thirsty?"

When he's thirsty he will drink water not jump in the ocean. Cole can step in a puddle and not get hurt so I doubt drinking water would hurt him...At least not that much and he'll at least recover from it if he does get hurt.

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Casual gamers.

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I thought that was really HHG at first. lmao

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Another butthurt xbot.

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