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You can use Joost now (even gives you a controller layout). Just search N4G for "Joost" & you'll find the story for it (as well as the link to put in the browser).

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Why does this bullshit keep getting by the filter? The trailer has already been posted, but I am even more surprised by the retards who keep approving this garbage.

NOTE: I'm not really surprised by the retards who keep approving this garbage as it's usually the same people.

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I don't see why they would bother perfecting anything seeing as how this game will flop just like the rest of their mediocre garbage.

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You mean people actually paid for nudity? lol @ them.

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Whatever it is, it will be mediocre like the rest of their garbage.

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But what if you laugh in the face of death?

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Good thing I tried it at the arcades first (it's a mediocre game). I'm not going to pay $1 to unlock playable characters. This DLC stuff is just getting retarded. I'll be getting KoFXII instead.

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I like this one better.

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Seeing as how you can't smell someone over the internet, I think it's about time you took a shower.

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The game doesn't need an overpriced peripheral to be fun.

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Hopefully Square-Enix loses the case and is forced to pay up.

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GT PSP looks better than Forza 3.

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Seems like Rockstar has had their target audience (xbots) in mind for when they released this DLC. I guess with all of the people crying to Microsoft about them banning gamertags with "gay" in it Rockstar needed to give the homosexual audience some DLC that they would enjoy.

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I mean what the hell happened to this game (video below)? I'm assuming that game got canceled so they could slap the Castlevania name on Lords of Shadow. However, this game could be 2D or 3D as the trailer doesn't really make much of anything clear except that Alucard is in it since it's just a CG Trailer. If it's a 2D it could be a PSN/XBLA title or possibly a remake of SotN.

Not to mention, Lords of Shadow isn't even a real Castlevania game (even the trailer which came out earl...

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It's a mediocre spinoff using the worst character in the MGS universe and it will tell a story that nobody cares about it because it's not important to the storyline (especially since Kojima isn't directing it). I won't be playing this game as it just keeps sounding worse and worse.

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I can't wait for the actual game to come out. I think I will have more fun playing as The Joker in the game.

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Looks like the 360 lost another exclusive. Losing Ninja Blade to PC and now Magna Carta 2 to PS3.

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From the images I have seen of this game and what I have heard about the gameplay so far it seems like this game will be mediocre. I won't be playing this garbage.

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