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Makes it even easier for me to avoid these games then.

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Your money is going towards getting MORE ads put on the dashboard rather than taking them away. XD

I'm glad I don't have any ads on the XMB.

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"I wish this game was on the Xbox 360 so we would have games to play, but it's not so i'm going to bash it."

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Cause GT5 is the only racing game I need.

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Once OnLive comes out then the 360 (or the future xbox) will be dead. Most of the 360's "exclusives" are on the PC anyways so once OnLive comes out you won't need a Microsoft console anymore. Nintendo & Sony will still have a strong 1st party lineup so you can have those consoles & OnLive then you'll be set.

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I would take out Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2, & God of War 3 from that list though.

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Why are you tired of butthurt?

Or maybe you're just WAAZZUUUPPP!!!

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Wrong. I would say that about all of those games too.

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They e-mail you the survey.

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Another RPG with guns? No thanks.

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it turn red with i shove
turn red with i shove

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I don't know...I checked to see if he had any other posts and it certainly seems like this would be the real hhg. I mean the personality seems to fit at least.

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OMFG WHAT THE F**K IS THIS S**T?! *runs away from the false bullshit rumors from hiphopgarbageshow*

Wikipedia & fake twitters are more reliable than this garbage.

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Achievements are pretty much pointless now. I mean of course you would get banned if you put a bunch of achievements on there within a day because then they know that you cheated. If you used it in moderation like other people have by just adding a few achievements each time or so then you won't get caught because they will be spaced out between the time/day that you get them to avoid detection.

Good thing you can't hack trophies (you also can't pirate PS3 games). Kind of pointle...

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"as you must wait until the battery status disappears."

Because waiting 1 second is a long time? Even using the guide button and/or looking at a game on the XBLM.

Click on game in XBLM (loading), open up the item you want to download (loading), download the item (loading), back out (loading), download completes (loading). Not to mention if you don't let it load and you go check out another game it loads again. Just look at all of the desperate xbots approvi...

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10 years at least (just like the PS3).

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lol, no.

Microsoft has more RPGs than Sony but those RPGs are bad ones.

Sony has less RPGs but those RPGs are actually good and worth playing.

Seeing as how Sony has more quality RPGs than Microsoft, Microsoft hasn't unseated anyone on anything (except maybe beating out the Atari 5200 for worst hardware).

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Another retarded blog post from HHG. Somebody should just go hack his site and be done with it.

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I don't know why somebody disagreed with you. I guess they haven't seen the FF13 trailers that had english voice acting because the english voice acting was terrible. It's the worst I have heard since Baiten Kaitos.

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