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And we're getting closer to that every day.

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I came across a screenshot for this game and maybe I am reading too much into this but...I think this is probably the best screenshot ever for this game.


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But the characters will still technically have weapons just not like the older 3D games.

However, Kratos won't be in Mortal Kombat. This is a HHGS article meaning it's nothing but fake rumors by his site in an attempt to get hits.

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Then again...I guess the PC & 360 both use the Triangle button, right?

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Bad News: It's a lag fest on the 360 (inferior version)
Good News: It's lag free on the PS3 (superior version)

And people still pay for XBL? lmao. I guess cross-game voice chat is all you really have left and once PS3 gets that then paying for XBL will be even more pointless than it was before.

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Duke Nukem Forever isn't coming back. Duke Nukem will be coming back though. He will be in Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass for PSP.

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I guess that will teach some of those players not to play mediocre RPGs by garbage companies like Square-Enix.

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It's a mediocre RPG from a garbage company. I'll be sure to post the ending as well as spoil the story line for people who don't like to wait.

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I never thought MGO's IDs were complicated to begin with. I just don't like the servers that they use.

Also, lol at the admins/mods taking my bubbles (unless it was a fanboy with a bunch of free time; mostly like a xbot). I have a feeling it was the admins that were butthurt over me approving the beastility story about hhg. lol


I mean come...

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In MGS2 Raiden was a pansy and then in MGS4 they tried to make him into a badass and failed. He ended up going from a pansy (MGS2) to an emo (MGS4). I know there isn't really much of a difference between the two but nothing Raiden did in MGS4 ever made me go "Oh S**t". It's like they are trying to force people to try and like some lame character like Raiden when we don't want to.

Personally, I don't think #3 should be on that list either because it wasn't really surpri...

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I bet he prefers ostridges. XD

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Meh, still looks terrible and I would prefer the older version over this one anyways. I won't be playing this remake (especially when it looks worse than the classic version). Not to mention that this is a remake of the arcade version and not the superior SNES version.

Also, if the PSN version doesn't come with extras then it will flop as PSN has a much better game lineup so this game will be forgotten by the time it releases anyways.

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No point in getting this game since I have Warhawk (which is way better than this game).

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They won't change the difficulty. They already said it's really hard in one of the videos on the playstation blog. Not to mention this is Atlus handling the NA version so I really doubt they will make the game easier (especially when they have games with hard difficulties like Trauma Center).

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There is another game from the same people (From Software) coming exclusively to the PS3 called "Black Blade".

Also, this is a great pre-order bonus. I can't wait for Demon's Souls to release in NA.

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Hopefully S-E loses.

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360 is an overpriced piece of garbage. It might be great as a heater for the winter but that's all (unless you really like netflix and have no PC).

They also didn't event include the price of paying for batteries each time or having to play for a play & charge kit (which still takes longer to charge than the PS3 controllers).

The NetfliXbox 360 is a last gen console, no need to bother with that. Even the Wii is more of a next gen console than the 360. lol, disc t...

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No point in having that. PS3 has a web browser and you can go to many different websites if you want to watch shows or movies for free (some streaming & some download). I don't bother with those anyways as i'm too busy playing games. I don't care about netflix as I have a PS3 & not a NetfliXbox 360.

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This game is garbage but the Penny Arcade skin just makes it suck even more.

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This game looks better than Team Fortress 2. I guess I will try this out.

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