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Probably because Rising is a mediocre hack & slash spinoff with the worst character in the MGS Universe & has an irrelevant story which will be ignored by Kojima when he makes MGS5. Also, Lords of Shadow had the Castlevania name slapped on it so ppl would be interested in a game made by the Clive Barker's Jericho devs & the gameplay feels like a bad clone of God of War with heavy auto-targeting.

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I'll pass on this one. Hopefully it stays in Japan as it will likely be mediocre anyways.

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One of the main points of the series was basically about regenerating health. Hale gets stronger and stronger. Besides, do you remember what to Hale after the last boss fight and before a certain cutscene? Surely, they wouldn't want that go to waste.

I have a feeling that Resistance 3 will have similarities with Bioshock while the multiplayer will probably have similarities with Left 4 Dead.

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They must have sand in their eyes.

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Wait until there is a proper trailer or gameplay footage. All this teaser trailer did was officially announce Resistance 3 probably because they didn't have any real footage available yet.

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They focused more on the realism rather than the fun. This is why I am avoiding this game.

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Plus the PS3 version get an exclusive character.

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But does he SOUND better (no lisp like the new voice actor has)?

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The PS3 has lots of games with awesome boss battles and even the Wii has some games with great boss battles. I can't think of 1 360 game with a good boss battle. Not sure if Skittles counts as a boss battle though.

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The only good thing to happen at Gamescom was more footage of Killzone 3 & LBP2. The rest of the announcements weren't exciting at all. You had Resistance 3 announcement + Ratchet & Clank announcement that got overshadowed by LBP2 & KZ3. Then you had the Mass Effect 2 announcement that got overshadowed by Dragon Age 2 and the fact that Bioware was stupid enough to think that people want to jump into the middle of a trilogy. I'll take a true medieval RPG over a space shoote...

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Mass Effect 3 will only be on 360 & PC.

PS3 will get Mass Effect 4.

inb4 trilogy arguments

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If it's the new voice actor voicing old Cole then that will suck even more than the new voice actor voicing Cole's new look. Sorry, but "old Cole" is more than just how the character looks. His character doesn't talk with a lisp like new Cole.

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The 360 has the iPod/iPhone game? It also has the comics/books? Oh wait, it doesn't. It's just Microsoft talking out of their ass again. Speaking of which, it probably hurts after today.

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Mass Effect 2 I won't even bother renting. I'll stick to Dragon Age if I want to play a game from Bioware.

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These ads make we want to buy a DS (well, I had a DS but it makes me more interested in the 3DS).

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Or are they going to hike the price of an old game without including the first game and make it $60 to rip more people off?

Sorry, Mass Effect sucks and I'll stick with Dragon Age as it's a much better series.

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If they're using Fallout Tech for their next game then I hope an Elder Scrolls game isn't their next game. If it is then it will be one of the few Elder Scrolls games that I won't play.

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I think Square-Enix WANTS their company to go bankrupt.

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Maybe this is just their way of saying they want Demon's Souls 2.

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I played the import on PSP and it was a lot better than Monster Hunter. The weapons, characters, & enemies are far better and the art style is definitely a big plus.

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