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But now that it's going up against MoH it's going to be even worse. I'd easily choose MoH over a Ninja Theory game. Heavenly Sword was ok but Sony should have a better company work on the sequel.

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Disadvantage to what? The game is co-op, not versus. The only disadvantage would be if you can't aim correctly and that disadvantage could be on any platform but the average player knows how to control his/her aim.

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Implying that the other person doesn't have a portal gun of their own.

One person will control the blue portal and the other will control the orange portal.

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But the gameplay is fun once you really get into it.

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I'm not really liking whatever this game is supposed to be.

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Except in the case of Mafia 2. Realism pretty much killed off that one plus it takes so long to get into a car (you'll really notice it if you're getting shot at). It doesn't matter if you're breaking into it or just trying to get back into a car that you have as it's slow. He's certainly no Niko when it comes to breaking into cars either.

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The codes on the Sunchips can be used multiple times. The only codes that can't be used multiple times are the ones on drinks & subs. Also, playing the game and trying to place the peppers in the right spot does nothing as you're predetermined to win or lose as soon as you enter the code (there is even an alternate site where you don't even have to play the game to see if you won or lost). Still, it's more fun if you play along with the game and hope to win.

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They had another Fire Drill today where they gave out $20 Subway gift cards. It was for the first 75 people who went to the URL they gave out & put in their e-mail address. You only have about 1 minute (or less) to click the link or everything will be gone.

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That's what happens when you put Obama in the game.

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Before people leaked the ending.

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"We’ve gotta say, GamesRadar does not support or endorse game piracy in any way, but by now Microsoft should know the equation: Putting a high-profile game online for download = someone will hack it. Guaranteed."

They don't support or endorse it. It's not promoting it, it's news explaining it.

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It's the same thing as "Froot Loops".

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"but critical story details may spill out and ruin the experience for gamers who don't want to see it spoiled for them on the Internet."

"MAY spill out"?

They already have and they are everywhere. There are spoilers for the maps and the ending spoiler.

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She was stupid enough to threaten stealing from a law enforcement officer so he detained her.

Also, "Nothing came out of it due to insufficient evidence..."

"insufficient evidence" being the keywords.

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Thus I don't care.


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I don't think it's a shooter.

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Any site that needs to be translated by google is one that isn't worth visiting in the first place. I don't believe this fake german blog site anyways.

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No, he's not. It will take more than a bullet to take down Hale after how strong he's grown and how fast his regeneration has become. Plus, Insomniac isn't gonna waste the power they gave him at the end of the game. Resistance 3's intro will start off showing Hale waking up. I guarantee it.

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It will be overshadowed by Killzone 3. I guess I'll pick up Portal 2 after a price drop.

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