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I wouldn't buy this game. No point in supporting S-E when all they do is make mediocre games like all of the trash from last gen & this gen (which includes their future flops).

You're better off just downloading it for free (and then putting it on your PSP if you have CFW).

I already got it for PC a long time ago with the mods to give the game better graphics and I replaced the midi sounds with the mp3s. Also, if you have a friend who will let you use his account...

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Screens look like a PS2 game (FFX-2 to be exact). This game will flop. Oh well, looks like I will be getting God of War 3 & White Knight Chronicles instead of this garbage.

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Interesting. These shots remind me even more of FFX-2. I'm tired of FF games with guns (especially when the character design has stuff like wings & 50 belts).

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Looks like they've given up hope in trying to match the PS3 in terms of graphics with the 360 so now they are pushing out another console to try and compete with the PS3. Maybe this time it will actually be a next gen console without a disk tray.

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I'm just gonna leave this pic here and leave.

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The 360 not being able to handle the MGS4 isn't a rumor. It's a FACT! Even Kojima said it couldn't handle the engine so it's a confirmed fact. I also lol @ all of the xbots. Just a bunch of butthurt xbots who don't like hearing the truth about their inferior, dvd drive havin', last gen console.

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b-b-but Lost Planet 2 is a timed exclusive! :`(

lmao @ all the xbots who actually thought that this game would be a timed exclusive. It's just like the time they thought the game was totally exclusive then when they lose that they talk about how it's timed exclusive. Now that it's not a timed exclusive they will go on to talk about sales like the usually do when they have no games to play.

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Of course MG:R won't use the MGS4 engine. The 360 can't handle that engine in the first place. Since this game is multiplatform the PS3 won't even be able to use the engine because it would be considered "unfair" in a way to people who play it on a last gen console. So lets just review some things about this game...

-You'll be playing as an emo character which is also one of the most hated characters in the MGS universe (possibly THE most hated)

-It's a spi...

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Then I saw the source and lol'd harder.

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More blogs from hiphopgarbageshow. I was wondering what kind of retard would actually think Brink (or anything from Bethesda for that matter) would be Killzone 2 quality. I kind of figured that it would be hiphopgarbageshow but this blog should've been filtered at best (along with all of the other trash).

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No. He already said that he isn't involved with MG:R in any way. He will be heavily involved in MGS: PW and then he will be looking over the Lords of Shadow game (which is actually being developed by the same people who made Clive Barker's Jericho and originally it wasn't even going to be a Castlevania game as there was an old trailer for Castlevania back at TGS that we never heard about which isn't the same game as Lords of Shadow).

Rising will be a spinoff that Kojima isn't inv...

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MGS: Peace Walker > MG:Rising

/stating the obvious

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If God of War 3, WKC, & FF13 come out at (or around) the same time then I will buy WKC, rent God of War 3, and FF13 isn't even on my radar so I won't be playing that garbage as it will be just another mediocre title by S-E.

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I'll be sure to pick up this game as well as the PSP version so I can add the exclusive content to AC2.

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Yes, because people aren't expecting much. I mean it's a spinoff with an emo character that isn't being directed by Kojima. I'll still play the game if it's a flop and gets rated a 1/10 just because it's a metal gear game. It won't be a TRUE metal gear game since it doesn't have Snake so that's why I am more interested in Peace Walker.

MG:R won't live up to the hype of MGS4 and it won't be better but I think that's obvious.

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Wow, we're halfway through the year and xbots are STILL talking about sales? I guess no games came out of that E3 conference for Microsoft. Looks like the xbots are still waiting for games. In any case, have fun with your NetfliXbox 360 (be sure to keep the box that your 360 gets returned in because you'll need it again 3 months later).

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And the xbots thought it was exclusive forever. It doesn't matter though cause I won't buy this garbage (especially since the impressions for it have been horrible so far with it being easy plus it's the arcade version). It doesn't have the Technodrome level and it doesn't have the Rat King plus instead of arcade music they use the SNES music. It's going to flop and you're better off just playing the original (preferably SNES as it has more features and even though the music on SNES isn't as ...

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I don't remember any part in the game where Ryu blows fire.

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Just like how inFamous is a lot better than Prototype (aka: Hulk Ultimate Destruction).

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