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"Valve didn't want to use Photoshop so they got one of their artists, Andrea Wicklund, to bite her thumb for reference pictures.."

Just further proof that shows Valve is full of lazy people.

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I see that the butthurt xbots have already arrived. "B-b-ut the 360 version is better!" lmao looks like the developer proved you wrong there too.

Also, lol @ comparing pre-release versions.

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It looks nothing like Smash Bros. This will flop as it's really nothing but a mediocre fighting game. This is almost as bad when people were talking about Jump! Ultimate Stars or w/e for the DS being like Smash Bros. Even J:US is more of a Smash Bros than this garbage but both don't feel like smash bros and they certainly don't seem "mixed" with it either.

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A new xbox console will be coming next year so they can try to compete with the PS3 in graphics (but they will fail as usual). I would believe 1Up over a biased xbot site like teamxbox.

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Gears of War 3 for PS3 confirmed!

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By the way, He got boo'd during his speech at the American Medical Association. lol

What a failure of a president. It makes me wish I lived in Canada, Europe, or even Japan.

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Halo ODST = Basically DLC that is on a disc & is also now priced higher (when they said it wouldn't cost as much as a regular game). It's just Halo 3 with a new single player campaign as the multiplayer will be the same but with added maps (most which you've probably already payed for).

Splinter Cell: Conviction = Coming to PC (and likely PS3 after a few months with extras)

Forza 3 = Hey, you actually listed a real 360 exclusive that time. I'm much more intereste...

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Of course Infamous is better Prototype. Prototype is basically just a rehashed Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game with a few changes like characters, environment, & story but it basically has everything that H:UD had.

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The REAL reason because after how disappointing GTA4 was (worst game in the GTA series) they want to make a good game that is actually next gen. Since they can now focus on blu-ray it looks like they can add in the "fun" that was left out in GTA4. Not to mention that the 360 won't even be able to handle this game (unless it's watered down from the beginning like most multiplatform games so it can fit on that last gen console with the disk tray).

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Isn't Vidzone just music videos that you stream? I'd rather just listen to the music only or even play Killzone 2 and listen to the music. I can't stand watching music videos as it just seems too boring.

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Why are people surprised about the price of the PSP Go? The price is higher than slim because it's a new version. Just like how the prices got higher with the GBA, The GBA SP, & the GBA Micro (even when the GBA SP was more of an improvement than the GBA Micro as it was already small enough to take with you). Same thing goes for DS, DS Lite, & DSi.

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I'm looking forward to see how many people pirate the game (then again, why would people want to play a mediocre RPG like FF13?). In any case it will make me smile to see how much money S-E lost over people pirating the game. It will give me something to do while I play a good RPG like WKC.

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There is a huge RPG developer. They are Level 5 and they are the king of RPGs and they are one of the few who actually care about the stories and character development unlike most other mediocre RPGs (usually coming from S-E) that only care about graphics and flashy boring/repetitive gameplay. Atlus is also a pretty good RPG developer (better than S-E that's for sure). While both of those companies may not be big in size, their great games makes up for it.

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N4G should've filtered this garbage by the name & URL alone cause every post is filled with nothing but false info and retarded opinions (far more retarded than what any fanboy could ever come up with). This bullshit also should've been filtered with the rest of the trash.

This garbage getting through the filter just proves how useless the filter on N4G is.

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I can predict when a hiphopgarbageshow article hits the front page because the title always spreads false info or some retarded opinion. This should've been filtered like the rest of the garbage.

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It's just another mediocre RPG by a company who doesn't know how to make good games.

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lol, no.

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Qore isn't on time this week because it was leaked. They sent out an e-mail saying they are delaying it so they can add more stuff to it to make it worth while so expect about 2 issues worth of content in June's edition of Qore.

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Unless Versus XIII is being made by someone other than Square-Enix.

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Looks like you're jealous.

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