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Surely, they mean Trueskill as in ranking and not skill in general cause a mindless run & gun like Halo (and even CoD for that matter) don't take any skill at all. Just constantly run at people while firing and then whoever melees first wins.

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Spoilers are everywhere.

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I mean they aren't even nude. If you're gonna make a tribute then do it right or not at all.

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Will I need to buy an online pass to access their website?

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But not too big for you to avoid posting childish comments.

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Why would I want to play with a controller worse than the DualShock? No point in buying this when the 360 controller is terrible.

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I would probably care if Square-Enix actually made a game above mediocrity this gen. As far as I am concerned this game will be yet another disappointment until they prove otherwise.

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PS3 for buying games, 360 for pirating them.

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I don't care.

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I assumed Mass Effect 3 would be on PC & 360 and then Mass Effect 4 would come to the PS3 after another year of it being on the PC & 360.

The Mass Effect games are dull, boring games. Now they screwed up Dragon Age 2 by making it more like Mass Effect. Dragon Age Origins is the only game I liked enough from Bioware to finish and after hearing about DA2 it seems like DA:O will be the last game I play from Bioware.

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They'll just end up running another franchise into the ground. However, a good thing is if they release it on the 360 then it could be pirated so there would be no need to waste money on the mediocrity.

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I would've bought DC Universe over this anyways so maybe I'll care when it releases next year.

(Spoilers: I won't)

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They're probably trying to use sex to sell the game like Bayonetta and that game flopped despite all the advertising it had. Even Darksiders beat it and it was an under the radar game. Atlus just falls in line with all of the other companies that have been failing this gen. They were good last gen, but suck this gen.

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Because they're no longer restricted by the 360.

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Surely a cloud with a smiley face must have taken weeks of preparation before you could actually beat it. A boss that looks like that is surely intimidating and could even pass for a boss in a game like Demon's Souls.

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I mean they won't be getting the money if you buy it used and you likely won't play online if you pirated it anyways so why bother paying for it at all if you don't plan to buy it new? You're better off saving your money and downloading it.

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It's more of a Dante's Inferno clone than a God of War clone. It also doesn't help that this is the same team that made Clive Barker's Jericho.

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The video says it can't be played in my country or w/e so once I got around that, the video was nothing but clips cut from the Gamespot E3 Interview with Mortal Kombat music in it.

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Except Shank but I will probably get that when the price drops. I'm saving my money for Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Dead Nation, & Explodemon.

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