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Did anyone notice on the left side of the map, there's another island called "Alderney" with a bridge and a booth tunnel going to it??
Could this island be the extra content MS paid for?? Just seems weird that there is another piece of land with two entry's going into it, if you can't go there. What does everyone else think about it. Take a look for yourself.
Sh1t, never mind, that was just the subway map. Disregard to everything I said above. This game is gonna rock! ...

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Very nice!! Can't wait for this game. For anyone to say this is not in-game, doesn't know what there talking about, and really, thats their only complaint they can think of. What are they gonna say, That " the graphics suck" lOl!

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Yeah, It's pretty lame thats its not gonna be for your 360. If it was though, your post would of been quite different.

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Can't wait for this game! I hope the story's as good as MGS3. MGS2 was good, but a little confusing.

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Yeah, nice list. Can't wait to hear more about GTAIV. But still, lately all you hear is " a drucken employee","unlisted name" or "source" giving up information. I'll just wait for TGS to see what happens. Still, would be nice if it turned out to be true.

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Thats so funny you mention "fanboy". This was just a basic article about a game director, and you write a comment about which system is "gonna lose" or be "king". Oh well man, don't worry, I never consider your comments to be useful anyway.
Anyways, I'm a fan of his games after playing MGS3

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I owned Ocarina of Time and still to this day haven't played a game that the story completly blew me away like it did. MGS3 was my next pick. I plan on buying the PS3, but would really like to pick up the Wii just for this game.

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Check out the amount of detail of Vegas. Very impressive. Looks like it will be a strong game for all systems.

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I'm looking forward to this game. The first MGS game i played was MGS3 and got hooked with the story. AS for "does this matter?", I somewhat agree with you, its not news. It clearly states that they "speculates it will take place in Israel." Just by watching the video, we all could tell it was somewhere in the Middle East.

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