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I know right lol, now xbox gets slated for rotation and adding new games/removing old games from the catalogue.

But the same slaters fail to mention the PSnow games that leave that service every month lmao

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"If you buy even a single game outside of gamepass during that year, you are paying $120 plus $69-79, which is $190-200."

Ok so your saying i could pay $120 a year for a gamepass sub? along with 1 game outside for $200 total? So if i played 100 games within that year, that works out at just over $1.50 - $2 per game right?

So on other platforms them same 101 games, let's go for an average low game cost of $20 ea...

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It is more jealousy, deflect and denial, as opposed to hatred.

Most people are secret Gamepass lovers, and probably secretly already have it, but do not want to disrupt their social status.

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"Why are you trying to deflect? What you stated doesn’t change the fact that 5 games are leaving."

I know right!!!! PSnow has "lost" these games in July also :-

Street Fighter 5
The Crew 2
Marvel's Avengers

August :-

Jump Force
WWE 2K Battelgrounds

September :-

World War Z
The Witcher 3 Wild ...

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Not sure they are trying to deflect, as opposed to going against the article making out like this is something that hardly happens.

This happens on a monthly basis, and more often than not within that month, more games are added than removed, it is not deflection, but more so factual data.

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As is the standard procedure every month, time to buy these games at a discount if you wish to keep.

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Sony buy Square Enix?

Someone's going to be upset when they wake up....

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"How Can Xbox Make Halo Appeal To A Younger Audience?"

Make it an M-rated game, kids are all over M-rated games, it is the reason why COD is so successful.

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Hell no, i do not buy a game to see adverts, these companies are beginning to be an absolute joke, milking money wherever possible.

You can imagine, just about to beat that final boss, in a high intense situation :-

"now showing on Netflix"

Wait WTF!!!!

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If i can metal detect on Oak Island, then i'm in!!!!

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"Only its not free to play: you have to have Game Pass to access it."

Fake news at it's absolute finest, no, no you do not need gamepass, all you need is a free xbox live membership (silver)

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"worse than other well-known plumber or super-soldier related video game systems"

Lol, that is a great way of saying "mario" and "halo"

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Or you can just buy whichever game you want on whatever platform you want, as opposed to trying to figure out what makes a developer the most profit.

If i like the look of a game, i buy it, if i do not own the platform and it is an exclusive, i buy the platform.

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Some great info here for the Series S and X version.

Xbox one support via xcloud, not native.
locked at 30fps, but displays that support it can take advantage of VRR, unlocking the framerate
Cross-platform purchases
Cross-platform saves

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So you accept to paying $10 for every game you want upgraded to 4K/60fps with controller support?

I do not think it is a practice that should be adorned, when in fact these upgrades should just be included with general game support.

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Wonder if this is a new IP, i would be surprised if it was another Gears of War.

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They may have closed the studios, but they retained the staff.

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And i got jumped on for stating this :-

"expect Sony to make a few more additions to their 1st party over the coming months. I called it months ago lol."

Nothing wrong with these new studios, after the Bethesda acquisition by MSoft, i fully expected Sony to purchase some studios.

I would say they will acquire around 5 or 6 over the coming months.

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I said expect Sony to make more acquisitions, and here we are, is that 3 studios now?

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Not saying they should be compared in terms of services.

Simply saying if you have the game via PS+, you need to pay again. (for the upgrade)

If you have the game via gamepass, you get it for free. (for the upgrade)

It is not my fault, that truth and facts offend people, it was you who initiated the debate about "rentals" and "service costs", i countered by saying it is not rental if i...

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