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I'll be good, i'm still on a 1080p TV

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"However one thing that they could and should do is a Xbox GamePass Cloud based system."

They already do don't they? Xcloud can be accessed via phones, tablets, PC's, Xbox One's, and is included with Gamepass Ultimate, with some games exclusive to the cloud.

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Ok, just a few points :-

"let's be real for a sec people buy an Xbox or PlayStation to be able to play games that push the limits in the gaming world."

Gamers will not be buying the Series S to "push the limits of the gaming world" that is what the X is for.

"also, it will just be in the way of progress. because making games being able to run decently on a slow HDD/SSD is just a hinder for a more capable mac...

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Such an awesome feature to breath new life into games is FPS Boost, will have to give this a try.

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This will be update number 3, current version is 1.23

Patches currently stand around 12.

Edit : Seems like update 1.3 may be the one this article is talking about

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"Given that both PS plus and Xbox live has been offering free (by free i mean the monthly games you get at no additional cost) for years now"

False, you pay a monthly fee to receive those games, so they are not free

There is a difference from a developer/publisher standpoint between available for life (with a sub PS+ and GWG), or available for a few months, common sense dictates you would pick the availability of a few months.

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They get free exposure/advertising to a userbase of currently 24 million gamers.
They will then get a per install fixed imbursement.

Not all these game developers are getting million dollar cheques upon using the service lol. I would be surprised if any are.

Either way, the bottom line is, developers are making money off gamepass, hence why they are adding more and more games, why EA have jumped in for a slice of th...

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Not as much as you would be led to believe

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There are still many ISP's that have data caps, especially in the US.

In the UK, data caps are not really a thing so we are lucky, but we do get a "fair usage" section in the small print, and some ISP's initiate peak time throttling.

There are still many, many countries that either have data caps, or slow broadband.

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"Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance's physical sales came almost entirely from PS5 and PS4 in the UK"

Not really surprising seeing as it was on Gamepass day 1.

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" it's a beautiful way of getting people in, getting engaged and showing that it's a stellar game. Then people are really tempted to buy more. So the business model really works to our advantage."

But but but.... developers can not surely... make profit off Gamepass.... /s

We finally get some commentary on the gamepass model from a developer view, and how it is profitable for developers putting their games on the service, resulting in mo...

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Loving the xbox one and Series X tags lmao

I'll be tuning in.

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"Wasn't Medium already on gamepass?"

It still is, this is The Medium available on Xcloud, therefore on base Xbox One as well.

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So we "lost" UFC 2 and 3, and "won" UFC 4

Kind of makes that other article a nonsensical waste of time now.

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"No point in watching a game made by an Xbox studio knowing a sequel will never happen on PS5 if the game turns out good."

That has got to be the saddest statement i have read on here, so because a sequel may not appear with a Sony logo on it, your not even going to entertain it?

The only person missing out is yourself

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Depends on how detailed the game is really doesn't it?

We had games pushing 100GB+ last gen, 150GB is not that large when you have 3TB of storage, along with a 5TB external

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False info - 150.01GB

"We're still nearly a year away from the game's release, so it's entirely possible that the listed file size is not final"

Could just be an estimate size, as it is available for pre-install

Source :

That is exactly what it is, mine is still 120GB+ on the Series X, and i have removed 4K assets, and RT data, the size is a joke.

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Call of Duty players will love this

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Have you checked how much you get in the UK for a game trade-in? normally it is around £10 if the game is over 6 months old.

I would rather pay monthly, nail the games in a month or two, and no need to try and rush through a game to get my money back. Any games i wish to keep, i will buy when they are leaving gamepass at a reduced price.

For me it works, and will save me literally thousands.

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