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I agree, but the difference is, if MS take a risk on a game and it does not do so well they get slated.

Whereas if a Sony or Nintendo game does not do so well, they get applauded for taking risks.

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So a few extra million to hire software testers will not make a difference? ok then....

Did you see all the hours they tested BC? and look at the results

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They have more time and staffing to do more testing, so i am expecting a lot less bugs from Bethesda going forward

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Everyone will have different results depending on the supported hardware they are using.

Mine works seamlessly with minimal issues, due to the supported device i am using.

Try a fully supported device to see if you get better results.

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Not sure why you seemed to take offense at what i said? What "tiny insignificant" countries are you referring to?

It was a simple statement, in which any country with good 5G coverage, regardless of significance or status, will be covered. Those countries that are yet to adopt 5G, will have lesser performance using 4G.

PS : last time i checked the UK is a tiny country size wise.

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5G connection - more than enough bandwidth for Xcloud 150-200mbps, off-peak pushing 1gbps

Source :

In the UK we are good for Xcloud on any device, and so will be any country that has good 5G coverage.

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4G has a few drops in performance.
5G is recommended
Any Wi-fi connection over 10mbps will be good for 720p

My work has 100mbps, so it works good on that connection, especially after the Series X blades upgrade.

Not tried 4G since the upgrade, but all i got before were a few pacing issues (due to 4G bandwidth)

What device were you using Father? Some have full support, whereas others will work, but not as intended due t...

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You mean that 1 man project for £6? it was basically a paid beta for Bright Memory Infinite.

The Series X gameplay looks pretty finished to me

PS : I thought you had the Series S?

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It is only 6.5cm wide, at a weight of 2kg, a laptop bag has a main compartment around 5cm, so an extra 1-2cm on top of a standard 15.6 inch laptop bag

Bulky lmao

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"Because it's an extremely cheap way to allow people to enter the Xbox ecosystem while offering a better experience than what they would get on a non-dedicated system. It is a very simple concept really."

Ok, how would "dedicated hardware" for Xcloud, be cheaper or better, than me running it on my tablet, PC or Xbox One?

Currently a mobile can run gamepass xcloud games @ 120fps via the cloud, using the upgr...

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"What a horrid idea how on earth can you take a series s on the go lol"

The same way you can take a laptop on the go, a bag.

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There is no need to release a dedicated handheld, all they need is Xcloud as it can run on anything.

Why waste R&D, on developing a handheld, just for Xcloud? There is a reason why Xbox has never attempted the handheld market.

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" I didn't say anything bad about the screen attachment of the Series S I was talking about making a smaller portable version of the XBOX."

They already have made a portable Xbox, it is my phone, your phone, any tablet, and it is called Xcloud, no native hardware needed, soon to be available on TV's also.

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Yep, i wanted the next-gen games, as well as the other benefits next-gen brings to the table.

Same reason there will be some PS5 owners gaming on a 1080p TV, for the games and Dualsense, and other features.

I see no rush to waste £500 on a panel that can only display 4K @ 60hz, and to get a 4K/120hz panel TV in the UK, the bottom line is around £800+, so yeah still on 1080 until 4K @ 120fps is viable.

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Not quite sure what PS5 has to do with FPS boost? but go on, i'll bite.

PS5 solution is 1080p @ 60fps due to the update for the PS4 Pro. (PS5 is same res/fps as PS4 Pro)

Xbox Series is 900p @ 60fps due to not receiving the update for Xbox One X (Series is better performance than Xbox one)

FPS boost pushes this from 900p @ 30fps on original Xbox One to 900p @ 60fps for Series S/X

Congratulations on your 180p increa...

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All we need is Auto-HDR and that should make the fidelity a bit better.

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I'll be good, i'm still on a 1080p TV

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"However one thing that they could and should do is a Xbox GamePass Cloud based system."

They already do don't they? Xcloud can be accessed via phones, tablets, PC's, Xbox One's, and is included with Gamepass Ultimate, with some games exclusive to the cloud.

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Ok, just a few points :-

"let's be real for a sec people buy an Xbox or PlayStation to be able to play games that push the limits in the gaming world."

Gamers will not be buying the Series S to "push the limits of the gaming world" that is what the X is for.

"also, it will just be in the way of progress. because making games being able to run decently on a slow HDD/SSD is just a hinder for a more capable mac...

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Such an awesome feature to breath new life into games is FPS Boost, will have to give this a try.

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