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"Steam deck runs the games natively."

But the majority will stream, due to the size of the local storage, in which case the article attempting to bash Xcloud for having to be "online", needs to realise, and explain, that most users of the steam deck, will stream the games rather than shelling out $700, something they fail to do.

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Never said it was great, simply said Xbox will not make a dedicated handheld, they will let others do the hardware, and they will put xcloud/gamepass on it, come on guys it is not that hard to figure out.

The article is saying Xbox needs to make a handheld device, the reality is, no they do not.

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Good luck with that 64GB of local storage buddy....... can not even fit COD on....

"Doom Eternal and Death Stranding wouldn’t fit on the entry-level Steam Deck, due to their size. Each requires 80 GB of storage, according to their Steam pages."

People should really research first...

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Exactly, the exact explanation of why THEY do not need a dedicated device.

You just literally confirmed what i said......

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Course it will, just use windows IoT

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No, they should not, they have zero need to, their solution to the handheld market is Xcloud.

"While xCloud famously allows players to use its service on basically every gaming platform, there is a big catch. Users need to either have an internet or cellular connection. In other words, "play anywhere" means "play anywhere someone is connected."

Lmao, what do you think the steam deck is using? CDROM?

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Missed out "at launch"

Edit : So are they confirming that all original Dead Space DLC, aka Rig's and weapon upgrades, are included in the base game remake?


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Please don't be £80 for the base game, £40 for the SP campaign, and then £20 for a season pass.

Just make a good, solid, SP dead space, with Zero monitization.

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Not quite sure what i said that is incorrect :-

"Right now, there just aren't a lot of options for someone who wants to use a flight stick with a PS5. Sony ensured that any officially licensed PS4 sticks were made compatible with the PS5, so you don't have to worry about one of the sticks you used not carrying over to the latest generation of consoles."

And Msoft have teases new sticks etc for flight sim :-

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What does it matter whether they mention where RT is used and not?

Either way it has been pulled on the PS5 version till they fix the issue.

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Someone shifted the posts without notifying the board of directors :p

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"Units sold doesn't mean the same thing as it once did. Your not looking at the bigger picture."

Exactly, i can enjoy Playstation exclusives without the need for the console - PSNOW for PC
I can enjoy PC games and Xbox games without the need for the console - Xbox Gamepass for PC

Your right, console sales are not the bigger/larger picture, granted i have the Series X, because i like a home console a...

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"Horribly compared to the “competition.”

Ok, let's apply your logic, :-

The PSP and the Vita sold horribly compared to the competition (NDS/3DS)

The PS3 sold horribly compared to the competition (Wii)

The PS4 will be surpassed by (switch) during it's lifetime, so then the PS4 would have sold "horribly" compared to the competition right?

That is yo...

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Not quite sure about PS5 support on flight sticks, but i think any official sticks for PS4 are supported, but only official ones.

PS4/5 - https://www.androidcentral....

As for Series X, there is a decent review page on sticks


"Stop renting and start buying."

Probably has a PSnow and PS+ sub...

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"With or without the external hard drive add on?"

Not quite sure what you mean?

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Discarded restaurant waste

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Difference is though, people need to stop dwelling on things that never actually happened.

You think all manufacturers are squeaky clean when it comes to trying to get as much money from consumers as possible?

"That's still the same company that recently wanted to double the price of gold."

Slight exaggeration, the increase was $20 for 6 months. ($40 per year).

$39.99 ---> $59.99 (6 months) 1/3 of the...

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So what would you say gamers use sales comparison figures for then?

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Lol, in all fairness, i ended up with both consoles in the end :p

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