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Yeah sure its down

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The same issues that have occured in most recent releases on both platforms you mean? not just halo?

Or did you decide to single this game out because you have the other platform?

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To be fair i have recently bought tmcc and i have had no problems with it whatsoever. Doing my first legendary co-op playthrough at the moment and played a bit of online last night.

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the content is in fact on the disk though as the dlc packs are each 9.5mb.

That is not enough data for strikes/missions/raids.

That is enough data to place enemies spawns/remove doors etc.

Still buying it though :) (when they fix frame rate)

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I want to get the season pass for the dlc that is out on the 9th of December but i refuse to pay more money till they fix the frame rate on xbox one while in parties.

Till that is fixed i will not be parting with my money

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i dont care what problems it still has. I'm still buying it.

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So what your saying is that the industry is better off without Microsoft??

So the competition between msoft and sony didnt encourage sony to release what is likely their best ever console in the PS4??

Competition is good for both sides. It pushes developers/manufacturers to always strive to have the better product.

Without competition sony/msoft and nintendo would be nothing.

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Last time i checked an xbox one is a games machine first and entertainment system 2nd. Guess your still reading the articles from the initial reveal.


Yeah because dreamcast set the standard for online gaming didnt they??? Think you need to re-read my comment and grasp what i am getting at.

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what a nonsense article. I am a day one owner so why am i getting shafted exactly?? Here in the Uk the xbox one with kinect has only dropped in price by around £40. At launch i got fifa 14 for free and i have recently got limbo. And Limbo is out now if anyone was wondering.

I dont feel shafted at all by microsoft. I knew the price of the console at launch, and i paid it. Microsoft dont need to give me anything but at least they are giving early adopters something.

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Gears has been announced. Being created by black tusk studios

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So why is there multimedia functionality on the Sony platform? Or would you rather have four or five seperate devices in your living with room that you had to keep turning on and off of have it all on one device?

And didn't Microsoft add multiplayer gaming to the console space or is it just me?

Adding nothing to gaming!! You sir are blind as a bat

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The b button is generally associated with games to go back I.e. a to accept b to go back. If your at the home screen and you press B it doesn't launch a game, it takes you back to what you were previously doing before you pressed the guide button/Xbox go home. To resolve this issue after you go home press the button to the right of the guide button (old start button on 360) and press quit. This will stop the game/app running in the background and hey presto now when you press B nothing wi...

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yes we were in party chat. i havent tried the new chat channel might give it a go and see if it corrects the issue. cheers for the heads up fella :)

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Has anyone else noticed that since the 2gb update the frame rate seems to have been affected? Im on the xbox one and i have noticed slight frame rate issues in the tower during patrols and the vault of glass?

Also when you use the warlock to glide you dont seem to be able to avoid grenades etc by using glide as quickly as before.

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This is the link for everyone that thinks it's Amazon/Microsoft selling at this price.

Notice on the right where it states sold by TALBOT MEDIA and the 20.57 for shipping.

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Talbot media are selling the console via Amazon. Not Amazon themselves. Some people need to investigate further I shall post the link to everyone

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Go to Amazon it's not them selling the console at this price so all the comments about desperacy and trying to clear their warehouse are void

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This is not Amazon this is Talbot media selling the console and you need to pay 20.57 for shipping this is merely a company selling via Amazon

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This issue did not start with halo. I had this problem with fifa 15 and a few other games. This article seems to single out halo as the problem when in fact it was a problem well before halo was launched

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thats why i didnt buy the season pass on day 1 when offered to me at the till in GAME. Even though they said you can get it a few pounds cheaper. I held off and glad i did. I'm not paying 20.00 pound for 2 hours worth of content sorry but no. I will get the DLC when it is on sale/cheaper

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