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yet another article about xbox having no exclusives.

They have enough for me, could do with a few more dont get me wrong but my library is already pushing 200 games so the last thing i want is a new exclusive every month

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what isp provider? So you get around 125-150 mb/s download speed?

Not only that it doesnt matter how fast your connection it all depends on the host. If the host only allows you to download at 3mb/s even with your connection thats what you will download at

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I'd like to know how much your paying for 1gb upload/download as the fastest in the UK is probably 200mbps

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Secret developer with full access to the game right here

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I think he means that all the technical issues people are experiencing are because the game is still in "beta" stage and will be addressed post-beta.

Also this will count for the lack of content as they may not want to show too much.

And just to add that even though a game is in "beta" stage does not mean that the developers may add additional polish, physics tweaks etc after the beta has ended

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I thought mass effect andromeda was a decent entry to a new galaxy.

Throwbacks to what happened in the previous entries and left a lot of questions unanswered.

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Ive gotta admit ive never seen a so called "analyst" come out with some of the most unfounded statements on the world wide web.

Exclusive content/games/dlc whatever kind of exclusive material always matters.

full simplistic statement of the century "a game will help sell a console" well yeah pachter i could have told you that

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because i was bored

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because people always say "but its on PC" as if they believe that PC and XBOX are non connected platforms.

They use this as an argument as to "not buy an xbox" implying that microsoft would be losing out if they bought it on PC instead of XBOX, negating the fact that they would be buying a game that uses Microsoft software to run

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@rainslacker i think you missed what i was getting at.

If someone could take up the call, Microsoft would have more of a direct competitor right now.

Their only competitor is Apple. If they use concepts that have been created by others then they would be getting sued left right and centre by companies. Their status in the world has been fundamentally founded by their operating system software.

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Call of duty has never been the same since MW/MW2, the introduction of lag compensation killed the online for many. The reluctance to use dedicated servers is astonishing for one of the most popular game series ever.

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Even if microsoft could push out double the exclusives than sony, people will still bash them and buy playstation

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But either platform microsoft still get the software sale. How do they lose out lmao?

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makes you wonder why you are so bothered about xbox sales

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I dont understand why some people want microsoft to fail in things they do.

Think about it logically, what kind of world would we be technology wise without them? Nearly every business uses some form of microsoft product whether it be operating system, office software, web browser etc.

If microsoft go under (wont happen) the world would be affected. If Sony go under (wont happen) we will just lose another electronics manufacturer

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i know right a whole 20 minutes to download

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With around a 50% market share i would expect them too lol

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Melt down about what? people are obsessed with sales figures of a console that doesnt even matter to them.

Sony's PS4 is the best selling console - this is common knowledge, just like they have been since the days of the PS1, other than the Wii i think they have come in 1st place in every iteration. To expect anything different this time around is nonsense.

I am a gamer, that games on my platform of choice which is the xbox. In regards to "the be...

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Exactly the scorpio was announced 12 months ago, thats certainly enough to get people to hold off for the reveal

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So are you saying PS4 Pro didnt increase sales?

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