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Need to add Series X tag

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I've heard he is a changed man these days.

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Scalpers do not want the Series though, it is the PS5 that has been majorly scalped, pushing that figure to 10 million.

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You need to try something different, your angle is not working....

Try reading the article itself and comparing the "math" within the article, which shows the Series is ahead of the 360 by 2.11 million units in the same aligned launch timeframe.

At this point i just think your a really bad troll, and i have no wish to further engage with you.

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Ok, so i learnt math, and by using math, and looking also at websites using math, i came to this conclusion by using factual data.

Xbox 360 in its launch year 2005 (2 months) sold 1.18 million units
Xbox 360 in its 1st full year 2006 (12 months) sold 6.8 million units

Xbox Series in 8 months has sold 5.93 million, nearly higher than the 360 in 14 months. All they need is 2 million sales, in 6 months, to be able to co...

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False info, what he means is userbase of Playstation and Nintendo has been more or less static since the 90's, he is not factoring in today's markets of mobile, xbox, tablet into that equation.

The audience of console gamers has grown exponentially since the 90's.

PS1 - 102 million global
Sega Saturn - 8.8 million global
3DO - no data
N64 - 32 million global
Jaguar - no data

So gen 5 - con...

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No not Media coverage, interviews with the actual publishers and developers about the gamepass model.

No one is spending $1 on a developers newly released game, the profit is in the longevity and the temptation to play future/other titles you would never have played without subbing.

Take the newly launched flight simulator as a good example, sure gamepass subscribers get to try the game, if they like it they are then tempted to buy the DLC/Addons/Content ...

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Nice, well deserved.

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So your trying to compare total lifetime sales to paint the Series in a bad light?

11 years of Xbox 360 sales (production ceased 2016 - launched 2005)
8+ years of Xbox One sales (still going as they are still manufacturing)


8 months of Series S|X sales?

"Again, Math. let me explain in way you understand. The Series X/S need to sell more then 10 millions console a year to ...

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Nice, so not only is the Series outselling Xbox One, but is also outselling the fantastic xbox 360, even during a pandemic, a chip shortage, RROD for the 360 inflating the sales, it is still outselling all!!!

Xbox have truly built a beast in the Series consoles.

Long may it continue!!

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Salt sales up by 350%

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It is free on Gamepass, and even outside of Gamepass is only £59.99.

Xbox does not do £70 games like the competition

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No, Sony fans in this comments thread are calling for an end to gamepass.

Xbox fans are all in yearly subscribers of gamepass.

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Researching and listening to what developers say about the gamepass model, will answer your questions, and you will no longer fail to see how it is not a good thing for developers.

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Great to see it is selling faster than any of their other consoles, once supply can meet demand for the Series X, and come this fall with the launch of Halo Infinite and the like, it is looking good for Xbox this gen.

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I think you mean the draw distance, they are not appearing late, you are simply seeing the limit of the draw distance.

Changes on close objects is just textures etc being drawn, also known sometimes as "pop-in" (loaded suddenly, rather than smoothly)

FYI the draw distance, etc shown in the video is on the Series S, on the Series X, the draw distance will be greater with it having a better CPU/GPU, RAM pool. And pop-in issues will be patched out....

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"There is no landing besides runways"

(Game contains water planes).... erm..... but..... nevermind

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"How would you 'pull back' the 'neat bells and whistles' in R&C without destroying the flow of the game?"

1 - Loading screens
2 - Remove RT
3 - Remove higher quality assets

There is always a way to get a game running by scaling back/porting.

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I remember playing it when it had a max of about 6 colours or something like that lol

Graphics were stellar at the time lol

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Good looking joke if it is.....

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